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DreamWorks Universe of Legends is yet another lazy hero collection game

Firefly Games Inc. has released DreamWorks Universe of Legends. At its core, it is yet another lazy hero collection game starring many of the famous characters found in DreamWorks Animation's films, with a few base-building aspects thrown into the mix to round the whole thing out. Of course, a hero collection game wouldn't be complete without simplistic battles that require little to no input from the user. Sadly this is all par for the course in a game filled with in-app purchases that are squarely targeted at children, though I suppose Dreamworks doesn't care where the money comes from as long as it keeps filling their coffers.

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Fuhu Teaming Up With DreamWorks To Release The 'DreamTab' Tablet For Kids

Fuhu is no stranger to partnerships at this point – the company has released the nabi jr. Nick Jr. Edition, nabi 2 Nick Edition, and nabi 2 Disney Edition. And according to the New York Times, it looks like another co-branded device is coming down the pike now, though this one reportedly exits the nabi line and will be released under the moniker DreamTab.

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This upcoming device is a collaboration between Fuhu and DreamWorks, and will come in an eight-inch form factor for roughly $300, though a 12-inch version could also show up down the road. The tablet should receive frequent character-based updates, bringing new content from DreamWorks character library to the device on a fairly regular basis.

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[New Game] The Croods, Rovio And Dreamworks' Modern Stone Age Sim City, Is Live In The Play Store

We saw a pre-rendered trailer for Rovio's latest licensed game last month, though it wasn't much more than a trailer for the Dreamworks movie it's based on. Today you can download The Croods in Google Play for free, and it's a surprising departure from both Rovio's physics-based comfort zone and the source material. Based on the brief description and trailer, the game straddles the line between a Monster Rancher creature feature and the familiar Sim City/Farmville genre.

Gameplay consists of mixing agriculture with hunter-gatherer, as the father figure (Nicholas "not the bees!" Cage in the movie) traps and subdues various prehistoric creatures, while the rest of the cast builds and expands their one-family Bedrock.

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Rovio Falls Back On Plan B, Makes CGI Movie Tie-In Games, Starting With 'The Croods' On March 14th

Oh, Rovio, Rovio. Whatfore art thou doing, Rovio? The last few games the company has produced have not managed to regain the same amount of public attention that Angry Birds did. In fact, Bad Piggies only stayed in the top 20 by revenue spots for 5 weeks in the U.S. (iOS), compared to 22 months for Angry Birds. Perhaps it's no surprise, then, that the developers have fallen back on their old failsafe: making games for kids' CGI movies. And hey, why not start with Nicolas Cage playing a paranoid caveman?

...Sure, why not?

All we have right now is the above trailer.

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