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[New Game] Dreamcast Fans Swoon As 3D Fighter Classic SoulCalibur Lands In The Google Play Store

We don't have Tekken. We don't have Street Fighter. We don't have DOA. But Namco just gave fighter fans one hell of a reason to celebrate: the original SoulCalibur is now available on Android. The Dreamcast port of this arcade fighter favorite has long been considered one of the gems of the genre, and you can play it on your phone right now. It's a pricey $6.67 and compatible with Gingerbread and up.

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Crazy Taxi Review: A Near-Perfect Dreamcast Port That's Cheaper Than Cab Fare

Dateline: 1999. A 12-year-old Jeremiah Rice spends every cent of his allowance at the local Pizza Hut's dingy game room, trying to perfect an S-Class run on the brand new Crazy Taxi arcade unit. Another fourteen years have passed, and SEGA's ode to irresponsible driving isn't exactly the technical marvel it once was, but it's every bit as fun. And a single fiver will let you play as much as you want on Android.

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[New Game] Dreamcast Legend Ikaruga Jumps To Android To Show Bullet Hell Shooters How It's Done... For $9

If you're a fan of "bullet hell" shooters, the day you've been waiting for has arrived: the celebrated arcade and Dreamcast title Ikaruga is now available on Google Play after a brief Japan-only period. But hold your horses, nostalgic gamers - it's also one of the more expensive titles out there at a whopping $9, with no demo available. Still, for those who love this gem of a shooter, it's worth the high price tag.

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[New Game] Sega's Jet Set Radio Lands On Android With Original Music And New Mobile Controls

If you've ever enjoyed a game with cartoony cell-shaded visuals, graffiti, and an incredible attention to licensed music, you've got Sega's Jet Set Radio (Jet Grind Radio in the original Dreamcast US version) to thank. There are more than a few gamers who keep the ol' beige box plugged in just for this little gem. But now they don't have to: Jet Set Radio is available for Android today, and it's just five bones in the Google Play Store.

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NullDC Sega Dreamcast Emulator Being Ported To Android, Initial Efforts Showing Promise

Sega's ill-fated home console may have died in 2001, but with a library of classics such as Crazy Taxi and Shenmue the appeal of the Dreamcast has lived on. A popular open-source project, nullDC, has been providing PC-emulated nostalgia for some time now, but this week we're seeing the first fruits of a project set to bring the 200 MHz box to your own open-source OS device. While your old Nexus memory card may not fit in your Nexus One, the advent of nullDC on Android is set to bolster Google's mobile OS's reputation as a retro-gaming platform.

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