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Google's ambitions for China search engine are over, at least for now

Google hasn't had much of a presence in China for roughly a decade, but last year, news broke that the company was working on versions of Search and News that complied with local censorship laws. After months of pressure, both internal and external, Google confirmed to U.S. officials that the project is over.

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[Update: Google responds] Google's censored Chinese search engine might not be dead after all

Google has largely stayed out of the Chinese market for the past decade, but last year, it looked like that might change. Plans about 'Project Dragonfly,' a search engine tailored for China, were leaked in August of last year. The project suffered from criticism inside and outside of Google, as search results would have been highly censored, and development reportedly ended in December.

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Employees petition Google to stop work on censored Chinese search engine Dragonfly

News of Google's censored Chinese search engine project Dragonfly has steadily leaked since August, angering many of the company's own employees - especially after the response that filtered down from the higher-ups was essentially: yes, we might compromise core values for business. A group of over 170 employees have now banded together to address the issue publicly with an article and petition posted on Medium in partnership with Amnesty International entitled "We are Google employees. Google must drop Dragonfly."

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Dragonfly memo details Google's tracking measures for Chinese search engine

Google's plans for a Chinese search and news service, known internally as Dragonfly, continue to leak and create controversy. In August, it was revealed that Google would soon reenter the Chinese marketplace, which Google CEO Sundar Pichai denied, calling it "an exploration stage." Then on Sept. 14th, it was reported that Google would track users using their phone number.

Now a new memo gives further details regarding the extent of Dragonfly's tracking. The memo was created and circulated internally by an engineer who was asked to work on the project. It details the methods in which Dragonfly tracks a user, first by requiring them to log in.

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