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Google Classroom rings in the new year with fresh look and new tools

Most of us focus on the consumer or enterprise-facing products released by Google, but it actually has another big customer we often forget about: education. And to kick of 2019, Google is announcing a handful of new features for its Google Classroom product.

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PSA: Google Calendar added a drag-and-drop gesture for moving events to different times and days

With version 5.7.25 of Google Calendar published on June 15, the app added one feature that we've always wanted and sort of gave up on having: drag-and-drop for events. But it took until Reddit user Racing24 noticed it yesterday for us to go back a few versions and track the change down to that specific release of Calendar.

How it works is simple. With your Calendar open on the day view, 3-day view, or week view, you can hold any event and drag it to another time slot. In the day view, this simply means changing the time it's scheduled at, but in the 3-day and week view this also allows you to move an event to another day (or even week or month if you hold the event to the edge of the screen long enough).

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Hangouts On The Web Gets Slick Drag And Drop Image Sharing

Google has a little treat in store for you the next time you sign into Gmail or Inbox and want to share an image over Hangouts. Just drag and drop the file into the chat window to attach it to your message. A circle will pop up with the words Drop image to attach written underneath.


The picture won't send automatically, so you have time to add a message or change your mind. Also, you can't send multiple images at once.

The functionality is already live, so if things aren't working for you, try refreshing your tab or restarting the Chrome app.

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Google Drive 2.2 Introduces Drag And Drop File Management And An Updated Navigation Menu [APK Download]

This Update Wednesday brings about a change to the Google Drive Android app that's all about moving files around. Let's get to it.

What's New

Google intends for Drive to serve as your file manager in the cloud, but for ages now the Android app has limited us to moving files around through drop-down menus. Now it supports basic drag and drop.

You should get a pop-up explaining the new feature after making the jump to 2.2, but in case you don't, here's how it works. Simply hold down on a file or folder. A little bubble will appear at the bottom of the screen telling you how many files you have selected.

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An Exclusive Look At Google's Early Multi-Window Explorations For Android

One of Samsung's claims to fame is a feature meant to improve productivity on mobile devices. One that users of stock Android and manufacturer skins alike have been yearning for for a while. That feature is multi-window, which allows users to run two apps on the screen at once, dragging and dropping between the two.

The problem is no one has been able to get it right yet. A company in the mobile space - in this writer's opinion - has yet to perfect the balance between utility and intuition when it comes to multi-window functionality on tablets (or phones, though I haven't used the Note 4 yet), but a post to Android Internals in March confirmed that Google had been working on the programmatic side of multi-window in stock Android.

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