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Google Classroom To Get Collaboration, Assignment Drafting, And More

In its ongoing effort to make classrooms, well, more Googley, Google has a new batch of updates for its Classroom program today.

In a post to its for Education blog, Google has announced a handful of new features for Classroom, the most notable being collaboration. Now, educators can invite other educators to collaborate on a class, so other teachers can give students feedback, create assignments, make announcements, and participate in student discussions.

In fact, Google says, invited teachers can do almost everything the main teacher can do - "everything except delete the class."


Additionally, Google announced the new ability to save announcements and assignments as drafts, which should streamline the workflow of planning classes.

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Tim Bray Reveals Android Market Now Has Support For Developer "Draft Uploads," Recaps Previous Improvements

Last night on the Android Developers blog, Tim Bray recapped a few improvements that have come to the Android Market since Froyo landed. Most of them (five out of the six) are old news by now, but the sixth is one we haven't heard about before:

Sixth, Market now has a “draft upload” feature; this removes a lot of the tension and strain from the app-update process. Get your screenshots and feature graphics and text and APK all squared away with as much editing as you need to, then update them all with one click.

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