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Android 11 Developer Preview 3 is out for Google's Pixels today

Today Google is releasing its third Developer Preview for Android 11. Unfortunately for the Android enthusiast crowd, all of the headlining tweaks in Google's announcement are developer-targeted, though we're guaranteed to find more changes hidden inside DP3.

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Android P Developer Preview 3 now available for Nokia 7 Plus

Google surprised everyone at I/O 2018 when it announced that, unlike all previous Android Developer Previews, the Android P Beta would be available on a wide variety of phones from different manufacturers. The third Developer Preview of Android P, also known as Beta 2, was released for the Pixels earlier this month.

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Here are some more minor Android P DP3 changes you may have missed

Since Android P's inception, we've written over 100 feature spotlight posts about various new changes Google has added in. Even in its third developer preview, lots of changes are still being added, but some are so minor they don't really warrant their own posts. However, if you like nitpicking every little thing like many of us, this might be the post for you.

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Android P DP3 simplifies Do Not Disturb settings, includes notification/popup to warn you of changes

Do Not Disturb mode is an increasingly vital part of the Android OS as far as I'm concerned. Advanced "digital wellbeing" features are all well and good, but the simplicity of being able to tell my phone to shut up for a little while is something I'm using more and more. It seems that every new version of Android alters how DND works — sometimes for the better, sometimes worse. Google has made significant changes to DND in each Developer Preview of Android P, and the latest beta makes further alterations and includes a new notification to warn you of certain differences.

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Android P DP3 brings the home screen rotation toggle back

When Android P DP2 debuted, we posted about a new rotation icon that showed up when the phone is rotated with auto-rotate off, but neglected to mention that the 'Allow Home screen rotation' toggle in the Pixel Launcher had disappeared. If you were confused by that, you'll be pleased to know that DP3 has brought that toggle back.

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Android P DP3 slightly changes the position of the date in the notification panel

Android P's third developer preview landed yesterday, and we're still finding new changes. This one's pretty minor, but since we all love nitpicking over tiny details that the average consumer will never notice, here it is: the date has been moved from the right of the clock to below the clock. Huge news, we know.

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Android P DP3 makes app drawer and Google Feed backgrounds much darker

With the Pixel 2, Google introduced automatic dark/light themes dependent on your wallpaper. It was a short-lived exclusive, making its way to Android 8.1 just days later. It hasn't even been a year since then, but Google is already changing the themes' behavior slightly — for the better, in my opinion.

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Android P DP3's notification reply UI gets a new icon

Android P has received a ton of UI changes, and Google's still adding more even in its third developer preview. Our latest feature spotlight concerns the icon that shows up in the message reply notification interface, which has been swapped out for a more P-fitting one. Note that this has nothing to do with Google's Reply app; this is just a UI tweak as part of DP3.

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Google makes subtle improvements to gesture navigation and adds a tutorial in dev preview 3

Google showed off its vision for gesture navigation in Android with the second preview release at I/O, and it was... not great. With the new dev preview 3 release, Google has made a few tweaks to gesture nav functionality, plus there's a basic tutorial. 

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Improved logarithmic brightness slider introduced in Android P DP3

Android P has been making several changes to how it handles brightness, from a merely animated slider for adaptive changes, to the promise of machine learning-based improvements. And another new brightness-related tweak just trickled down in the recent Android P DP3/Beta 2 release yesterday: The slider now controls brightness on a logarithmic scale, rather than linear. 

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