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Sony's Stamina Mode Returns In Beta Marshmallow Update, But With Fewer Options

Fans of Sony's Android phones have long touted the advantages of Stamina Mode, which was a bit like Doze Mode before Marshmallow was a thing. However, Google's requirement that OEMs not fiddle with Doze caused Sony to take Stamina Mode out of its Marshmallow builds. Sony promised it would come back, and now it has in the latest beta update.

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[Update: Live On Japanese Models] Sony Is Bringing Back Stamina Mode In Its Xperia Beta Program

Sony has long offered a feature on its phones called Stamina Mode. When activated, unauthorized apps can't run in the background or run sync jobs. The problem, however, is Stamina Mode interferes with Android 6.0 Doze Mode. Sony took it out of early Marshmallow builds, but the company has now confirmed it's coming back.

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[Update: APK For Android N] Android Wear v1.5 Adds Proper Support For Marshmallow's Doze Mode [APK Download]

When Android 6.0 landed, it brought a big new battery-saving feature called Doze mode. While it was great at reining in known troublemakers like social network apps and misbehaving games, Doze had a bad habit of knocking out apps with genuinely important roles to play. One such app was Android Wear. Today, a new update to the Wear companion app adds awareness of Doze Mode and prompts users to add it to the protected list.

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Doze Mode Support

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When the Android Wear app starts up for the first time after updating to v1.5, it will have a bright blue notice on the screen to let you know that your watch may not remain connected unless the Wear app is allowed to run in the background.

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Doze Mode And App Permissions Are Coming To Android Wear, As Seen In The Moto 360 2nd Gen's Marshmallow Release Notes

When Google announced the Marshmallow update for Android Wear, the focus was on the new wrist gestures and the addition of speaker support — as well as sending voice messages, which has been possible for a while. However, it turns out that there are other features lurking in this update, as spotted in the Moto 360 2nd gen's release notes.

In the update's details, Motorola talks about the new wrist gestures, but also a lot of other additions:

  • New language-country pairs: Mandarin (Taiwan), Cantonese (Hong Kong), Indonesian (Indonesia), Polish (Poland), Dutch (Netherlands), and Thai (Thailand). But remember, your watch will always follow your phone's language preference.
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Greenify v2.8 Is Official After Long Beta, Includes Non-Root Aggressive Doze Mode

The v2.8 update to Greenify has been in testing for a few months, but the final version is rolling out at long last. This app began life as a root utility to forcibly hibernate apps, but it has slowly gained more non-root features. In v2.8, it can supposedly accelerate Marshmallow's Doze mode so it kicks on in just a few minutes. That's just the start; there's plenty more, especially if you're rooted.

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Google Will Require OEMs To Include Unmodified Doze Mode In Android 6.0

Of all the features added in Android 6.0, Doze might be the most exciting. For years Android has struggled with battery life due to apps running in the background when they aren't supposed to, and Marshmallow could finally put a stop to it. To make sure device makers play ball, Google's Android 6.0 Compatibility Definition Document (CDD) explicitly requires Marshmallow phones to include Doze, and OEMs aren't allowed to monkey around with it.

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[I/O 2015] Android M 'Doze Mode' Can Extend Low-Power Operating Time By As Much As 100%

Mobile electronics use power. And as the software becomes more complex, they use more and more of it. At Google I/O 2015, the company has announced an improvement on the ultra low-power mode found in Lollipop. They're calling it "Doze," for obvious reasons, and it will debut in the M release of Android scheduled to go into a developer preview soon. It should debut in public builds later this year.

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Specifics on the improvements made to the low-power mode are scarce, but apparently they are extensive enough for some dramatic power savings. According to the I/O presenter, a Nexus 9 equipped with an Android M developer preview build saw nearly two times the battery life in low power mode versus the same hardware running Android Lollipop.

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