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Nintendo 3DS emulator Citra now supports save states on Android (APK download)

Citra first added save state support to its desktop build back in April this year, just a month before bringing over the emulator to Android. Since save states are very intense on storage and prone to breakage, it took the team a while to port over experimental save state support to Android, but the wait is over. Citra has announced that save states are now available on the latest Android build just as the app reached the milestone of half a million downloads.

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Vivaldi Browser gets an optional bottom tab bar on Android (APK download)

Vivaldi started putting more options into its various bottom bars with version 3.2, and now, a year after the browser's initial beta release on Android, the company has decided to allow users to go all-in on bottom navigation. Version 3.3 of the Chromium-based browser lets you move the tab and address bar to the bottom of the interface. There are also smaller improvements to content and ad-blocking.

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Huge Apple Music 3.4 beta update ports all the iOS 14 changes to Android (APK download)

Apple is preparing to launch iOS 14, and that means there are updates incoming for all of its system apps, including Music. It looks like the company is working on bringing over these latest changes to Android as soon as possible, as the latest Apple Music beta v3.4 already sports almost all of the new stuff that will come to iOS 14: there's a new icon, improved search, autoplay, and Listen Now, which replaces the For You section of old.

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Firefox 80 marks the return of the back button and refines tab management (APK download)

Mozilla only recently started rolling out the fully redesigned Firefox bearing version number 79 to Android users, but it's already releasing its successor: Firefox 80. It's improving some smaller aspects that were initially missing or wonky, but extension support remains as limited as it's been.

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Reddit gets its app to 50 million Play Store downloads, mostly by making the mobile web experience miserable

Anyone who's tried to browse Reddit on their phone's web browser will be familiar with the constant popups prompting users to download the mobile app instead. Well, it looks like making their mobile site virtually unusable has paid off for the site, as its official Android app has just passed 50 million downloads on the Play Store.

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New OnePlus Android 11 weather app is available for everyone on OxygenOS 10 in beta (APK download)

As we all know, OnePlus is working on a OneUI-inspired redesign for its flavor of Android 11, and the first fruits of that work are already available for everyone to see on their OnePlus phones. The company has updated the Play Store beta of its weather app with the new visuals from OxygenOS 11.

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The all-new Firefox for Android is starting to roll out widely (APK Download)

Mozilla has been working on its redesigned Firefox based on almost completely rewritten code for well over a year and has in fact already published the update to the stable channel. But despite being available through the Play Store for a few people, the vast majority of Firefox for Android users are still on version 68, which was first released back in 2019. Mozilla is finally looking to change that and has announced that it will start rolling out the rewritten release of Firefox widely to everyone, but beware: You'll lose access to most of your add-ons in the update process.

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Soon, everyone you share photos and videos with will know you've got a Pixel

IMG is the most common file name for images that come out of cameras, used in many phones and DSLRs, including the Google Pixel lineup. Google is looking to differentiate files created by the Pixel line's excellent cameras, though. Starting with Google Camera version 7.5, currently only available for devices running the Android 11 beta, image file names will start with PXL instead of IMG.

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Dropbox for Android reaches 1 billion installs on the Play Store

Dropbox has been available on Android for just over ten years, and in that decade, it has evolved into one of the best cloud storage options available for the platform. Now the app has passed one billion installations, reaching the same milestone that applications like Twitter and Netflix recently passed.

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Apple Music gets gapless playback on Android (APK download)

A few months after Apple Music expanded to more than 50 new countries, the service's Android app is in for some treats. An update to version 3.3.0 adds some features that music lovers will be happy about, like gapless playback, enhancements to downloads, and the usual "improved overall app performance."

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