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[Update: Play Store Downloads Too] Android N Feature Spotlight: The Download Manager's Notification Gets A Quickly Accessible Cancel Button

If you often download files and apps on Android, you must have noticed that the Downloads app (or the Download Manager) doesn't really do much. Whether you're triggering a download from Gmail, Chrome, or any other app, you simply get a notification that shows you the progress and nothing else. That's slightly changing in Android N with the addition of a Cancel button that lets you quickly, well, cancel the download.

Here's what things look like on Marshmallow with the example of starting an APK download from APK Mirror. The notification only has a progress bar.

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Opera Mini Update Packs More Options Into The Download Manager And Improves The Search Bar

Opera Mini, a web browser whose existence revolves around reducing how much mobile data you consume, has received an update that spruces up the download manager and the search bar.

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