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Google Play Music's desktop uploader 'Music Manager' is down for many users (Update: Working again)

Despite the launch of YouTube's streaming service, many music fans remain attached to Google Play Music because of one feature: the option to upload up to 50,000 songs from your own collection and listen to them on any device. Over the past days, however, several users have complained about their inability to do just that because the desktop app needed to upload songs, Music Manager, isn't connecting to Google Play.

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[Update: Back up] Twitter is down so you'll have to go to Facebook to complain about it

If you noticed that "Something is technically wrong" when you went to tweet just now, it's not just you. At the time of writing, Twitter seems to be down. Neither desktop app, nor mobile site, or even the Twitter Android app can connect to the service. You'll have to get your next dose of narcissism via Facebook.

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Gmail, Drive, YouTube, and other Google services currently having issues


[Update: It's back] Nest is down for the second time in two weeks

Yes, Nest is down again. You'd think that a security camera system that tens of millions of people use would be better at keeping its service up and running, but this is the second time Nest has gone down in less than two weeks.

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[Update: Fixed] It's not just you: Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Oculus are down, with WhatsApp affected

If your Facebook app hasn't been reloading or your messages haven't been sending, you're not alone. An outage has just hit Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Oculus, with WhatsApp's functionality affected as well. Instagram appears to be running fine.

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It's not just you: YouTube TV is down for many

No, it's not just you - YouTube TV is currently having a major outage, primarily on the East Coast. It doesn't seem to be affecting everyone (our own Ryan is having no problems over in Minnesota), but it does seem pretty widespread, with lots of reports on Twitter, DownDetector, and Outage Report.

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[Update: Back up] Allo is down, but you probably didn't notice because you're part of the 99.99999%

Allo's small userbase has become somewhat of a joke in the Android community, but the fact of the matter is that there are actually people who use Google's latest messaging service. Crazy, right? If you do use Allo, you might have noticed that your messages have been stuck on "Sending..." with none of them actually being sent. Don't worry; you're not alone. Allo seems to be down for everyone right now.

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It's not just you: Facebook Messenger is down in several regions worldwide

If you can't send or receive messages with Facebook Messenger, don't worry - you're not alone. According to DownDetector, which monitors site outages, Messenger is having problems in several regions worldwide.

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PSA: Do Not Blame Your ISP This Time - Gmail, Google+, And Other Google Services Are Down Or Very Slow [Update: Back Up]

If you tried reaching one of Google's popular services, such as Gmail, Google+, or Play Music in the last 30 minutes and failed because they're either unavailable, very slow, or have broken in some other way, don't go blaming your ISP - it's one of those rare occasions when Google itself is having some major hiccups.

The company finally updated the Apps Status Dashboard after a surprisingly long delay of over 20 minutes showing all green and is now looking into the issues:

1/24/14 11:12 AM

We're investigating reports of an issue with Gmail. We will provide more information shortly.

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Gameloft Slashes Wild Blood Down To $0.99 (That's $6 Off)

Wild Blood, the game that challenges players to "live the unforgettable journey of Sir Lancelot" (in a universe where Lancelot incurs King Arthur's wrath by having an affair with Queen Guinevere, leading to the introduction of hellish demons to Earth), got our stamp of approval in October as a great game for "mindlessly slicing monsters to death," but it may have been a hard purchase to justify for some players at a cost of $6.99.

If you weren't able to stomach the price at launch, though, there's some good news – Gameloft has cut the price of Wild Blood down to a mere $0.99.

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