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Google Camera v5.2.025 brings Lens mode to Google-supported phones [APK Download]

Google Lens was one of the hot topics out of Google I/O, this year. During the show, Google told us (and demonstrated) that a number of OEMs would have live processing built right into their camera apps, which we've since seen going live for some phones produced by Sony, OnePlus, Motorola, and ASUS. Meanwhile, Google's own Nexus and Pixel phones were left a bit behind the curve, at least until today. The latest update to the Google Camera app finally brings Lens mode to Pixel, Nexus, and other Google-supported phones.

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Pixel Buds configurable double-tap touch controls are actually, finally here

Back in March, we mistakenly reported that the Pixel Buds had received an update which enabled the double-tap gesture for track advancement. Turns out, that was just a bug. But according to a blog post just pushed by Google, the feature is actually rolling out today as part of an update that delivers a whole pile of new touch-based controls, including triple-tap for on/off,

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Google Camera v5.2.022 restores option to disable double-tap gesture [APK Download]

Last month's update to the Google Camera app included several new features, but there's a chance one of those changes may not have agreed with every user. While users were given a new option to remap the double-tap gesture to switch cameras instead of zooming in, it technically cost users the ability to disable the double-tap gesture altogether. A minor update just rolled out that restores this simple alternative.

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[Update: Maybe not] Pixel Buds double tap controls for skipping tracks rolling out now

Cody saw the signs for its impending release a couple weeks back, and now it's live. Double-tap to advance tracks on the Pixel Buds is apparently working in the tediously-long firmware version 1.1767.6040.G1-61495-545, according to 9to5Google.

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Google Camera v5.2 adds dirty lens warnings, buries grid options, hints at Portrait mode app shortcut and circus mode [APK Teardown]

A new version of the Google Camera app is beginning to roll out, and there are quite a few interesting adjustments in this update. The Settings screen looks much better with a full set of icons, and there are several new additions to be found within it. Grid overlays have been moved into the Settings screen, and double-taps can now be configured with a different action. A long-awaited feature, Dirty lens warnings, can now be enabled. A teardown also suggests there will be a new app shortcut to launch Portrait mode, and hints at something called Circus mode.

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Chrome Dev and Canary have a new video player, with YouTube's double-tap media controls

The video player on Chrome for Android has always closely mirrored (or looked identical to) the desktop Chrome video player. There's a play/pause button, a timeline, and whatever other controls the site has enabled (full-screen, volume, download, etc.). A brand new video player has appeared in Chrome Dev and Canary, with the same double-tap to fast-forward/rewind that the YouTube app added earlier this year.

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YouTube Music v2.06 adds double-tap to seek and officially becomes available to tablets [APK Download]

Two frequently requested features were added with the release of the latest YouTube Music update. Version 2.06 brings with it the double-tap to seek feature from the main YouTube app, and perhaps just as importantly, it can now be installed to tablets directly from the Play Store and has a new tablet-oriented layout for the video player.

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YouTube Music v2.04 introduces an all-red icon, will soon enable double-tap to seek [APK Teardown]

YouTube may be in the process of making some changes to its branding and style choices with some of its mobile apps. A few days ago, the YouTube Gaming app received an update sporting a redesigned icon that kept its original heart shape, but sidelined the low-poly look it had launched with. And now it's time for the YouTube Music app to do the same. 

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YouTube v12.05 adds adjustable seek times for double tap to seek [APK Download]

Only four days ago, YouTube officially declared that the double-tap to seek gesture had become a part of the app, giving users the capability to quickly jump 10 seconds forward or backward in the timeline. Now the development team is topping their delivery with a little bit of user-configurability. The interval of the skip was originally locked to a strict 10 seconds, but you can now set your own from a handful of other durations. You'll need the latest update to the YouTube app, which began rolling out earlier this afternoon.

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YouTube officially enables double-tap gesture to jump 10 seconds forward or backward

If you've been following along with various teardowns and reported tests, you know YouTube has been working to select an implementation for quickly and easily shifting small increments in a video's timeline. The wait appears to be over. Earlier today, the YouTube app's Play Store listing was updated to note that the quick seek feature is new in the app – that's probably about as official as we're going to see.

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