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Take $10 off your preorder of an Amazon Echo Dot with clock ($49.99)

Late last month, Amazon announced a bevy of new and updated products falling under the "Echo" brand. Included in this list was the third-generation Echo Dot, now with a built-in clock. The Dot is already one of Amazon's best-selling Echo devices, and with this pre-order deal, you can snag one for $49.99 ($10 off).

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Amazon brings family-focused FreeTime service to Alexa and launches Echo Dot Kids Edition

Amazon has announced that its child-friendly features and parental controls subscription service is coming to Alexa. Until now FreeTime has only been available on Fire, Kindle, and Android devices, but Amazon is now adding support for Echo speakers. At the same time, the company is also releasing a Kids Edition of the Echo Dot that includes a FreeTime subscription plus a brightly colored protective case.

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Wonder Workshop Dot and Cue review: One of these is not like the other

A few months ago, I reviewed the Collectors Edition of Anki's popular 'Cozmo' robot. Cozmo was first and foremost a toy, but the app included a 'Code Lab' where owners could create simple block-based programs (Anki has even extended that in subsequent updates).

After that review, Wonder Workshop asked me if I wanted to try out two of its toy robots - the 'Dot' and 'Cue.' Unlike the Cozmo, where coding functionality was more of an afterthought, programming is at the heart of the Dot and Cue. Almost all the activities you can do with these robots involve some level of coding, but they are accessible enough for most kids to get some enjoyment out of them.

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Alexa adds "Computer" as a wake word, much to the joy of Star Trek fans everywhere

Amazon's Alexa assistant supports multiple 'wake words,' which serve as activation phrases for Alexa to start listening. Until now, this included "Alexa," "Amazon," and "Echo." Now Amazon has silently added "Computer" as a wake word, something that is sure to please Star Trek fans everywhere.

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