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HTC Releases An App For Its 'Ice View' See-Through Case For The HTC 10

HTC really wants to make a cool transparent case for its flagship devices. It started with the One M8 and the "Dot View" case, which adapted the windowed covers first released by Samsung and LG into a grid with Lite Brite-style holes to view the screen underneath. There was a revised Dot View case for the One M9, but for the new HTC 10, we're getting a redesigned and completely transparent "Ice View" case. Like the previous iterations, HTC has released a specialized app in the Play Store to let users operate the case.

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HTC Dot View App Updated To v2.10, Shows More Info In Dot View Mode

Just about every Android OEM has an official flip case of some sort these days, but they're usually a rip off of Samsung's S View case. At least HTC is doing something different with the Dot View. The companion app for this accessory has been updated to v2.10 today with a few new display options.

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HTC Pushes A Big Update To The Dot View App With Animated Themes, Games, And More

HTC is expected to announce the release date for the One M9 any time now, but there are some treats for those of you sticking with the M8 as well. A new version of the Dot View case app is out, and it has a ton of improvements. Also, games. Yes, games. I don't know why either.


HTC Sneaks A Cute Easter—Err, Halloween Egg Into The Dot View Case [Update: More Holidays, Yay]

HTC's Dot View case is a cool idea, though the quality of the accessory itself is somewhat suspect. Still, HTC gets points for doing something new. What's more, it turns out the Dot View for the One M8 still has some tricks up its heavily perforated sleeve. There's a Halloween surprise lurking in there.


The Dot View case is able to show notifications and other bits of data by shining light from the screen through the holes in the case. Of course, the One M8 has an LCD to the whole screen is on when it's doing this. As for that surprise, it's a jack-o'-lantern that appears when you wake up the Dot View UI on Halloween.

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