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Doogee announces the S70, a rugged (and ugly) gaming phone

Phone manufacturer Doogee mostly sticks to cheap, uninteresting devices that fly under the radar. It does occasionally pop up with some weird piece of hardware like the sliding Mix 4 or the ruggedized S60. Today, Doogee is getting in on the latest smartphone fad: gaming phones. The S70 keeps the questionable rugged styling from the S60 and adds upgraded specs and a gamepad attachment.

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Doogee Mix 4's wild sliding design shown on video

Doogee has been slinging affordable smartphones since 2013. For the most part, they haven't been anything to write home about—rectangles with screens and cameras, like so many others. But YouTuber Mrwhosetheboss got his hands on a prototype of the Doogee Mix 4, and it's certainly striking, with teeny tiny bezels on all sides of the display and a sliding design to hide the earpiece and front-facing camera. We've seen leaked photos of the device, but this is the first time it's been shown on video.

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Doogee's Mix 2 phone has 'minimal bezels, maximal views'

Just a week ago, Spain-based phone manufacturer Doogee announced the S60, a mostly-unremarkable durable phone. The best part about the device was the accompanying press release, which was filled to the brim with hilarious spelling errors. Doogee just unveiled the 'Mix 2,' and the announcement is almost as entertaining as the S60's.

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The Doogee S60 is 'the one who reinvents rugged phone'

There are a few rugged smartphones on the market, like the Galaxy Active series or the LG X Venture. But maybe those aren't tough enough for you. Do you need a phone that will survive "fields, underwater and other outdoor environments"? What about one that is "manly, strong, and special in market"? If so, the Doogee S60 might be for you.

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