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Google app v8.20 beta adds screenshot donation, renames Saved back to Collections, and more [APK Teardown]

The last two versions of the Google app have been fairly sparse for significant changes, likely because we're closing in on the major Google event next month. With the release of version 8.20, there are a few things worth quickly running through, including a new option to donate screen captures, additions to Podcast screens, and Saved pages has been renamed back to Collections (again).

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Google App v5.10 Includes A New Wait Animation And Will Soon Solicit Users To 'Donate' Screenshots [APK Teardown + Download]

The Google app has gone through some fairly rapid-fire updates over the last month or so, with new versions popping out every few days. Just yesterday, a somewhat buggy v5.10.22 rolled out in the morning, only to be replaced in the evening by a minor v5.10.23 update to fix some issues with crashing. The changes from v5.9 to v5.10 appear to be rather minor, but a close examination turned up a couple of little things we couldn't ignore.

Update: Just a heads up, it looks like there is a bug in the Google widget in this version that's causing some serious battery drain.

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Google Updates One Today App To v1.5 With 'Pay It Forward' Option So Others Can Determine Which Causes Your Money Goes Toward

Most of Google's apps offer ways for us to enhance the quality of our own lives, whether it's through improved communication, managing documents, or just browsing the web through Chrome. One Today, an Android app the company launched over a year ago, turns this around by empowering us to actively help others instead. The core idea here is to donate a dollar a day to a different charity (today's is an adopt an afternoon lesson program through Develop Africa), but there's no reason to stop there. The more generous among us (or those with extra money) can choose to donate elsewhere, and with the latest app update, there's a new "Pay It Forward" option so that people can provide funds for others to allocate.

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Google Invites Users To 'Do A Little, Change A Lot' With Charity-Minded One Today App

Google has just launched a new app that brings a charitable side to the Play Store, making it easier than ever to – in Google's words – "do a little. Change a lot."

The basic idea behind the app (which, for now, is limited to the US) is that users can donate $1 at a time to a daily project such as saving cheetahs, bringing clean water to those in need, or providing a roof for school children. That's not all it does, though – users can track their "impact," and almost gamify the process by challenging friends to match contributions or sharing their good deed via social media.

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