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Dolby Digital Plus 5.1


Netflix bringing HDR10 and Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 support to Razer Phone


Play Movies Gains Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound Support On Android TV And Roku

Sound sounds better when it's coming from more directions. Okay, that may not be entirely how audio works, but I never claimed to be an expert in the area. I can say this. When an explosion happens to your left on screen and you hear it come that direction, it's very cool. That's an objective statement of fact.

Since this is the case, Google has added Dolby Digital Plus surround sound support to Android TV and Roku.

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Netflix 2.0 For Android TV From Sony TV Works On The Nexus Player And Supports Dolby Digital Surround Sound [APK Download]

I don't have a Nexus Player, neither do I live in a country where Netflix is available, but I would have assumed that a movie and TV streaming app on a set-top box should support surround sound. By default. I mean, that's a given, isn't it? WRONG. So wrong. Couldn't be any more wrong. Netflix' official version for Android TV, 1.0.4 build 136, just plays sound in stereo, no Dolby in sight.

netflix-androidtv-dolby-surround-1 netflix-androidtv-dolby-surround-2

Screenshots courtesy of our tipster, Garrett

That bummer is now remedied thanks to the extracted Netflix 2.0 APK from Sony's Android TV. Thanks to the same XDA user brar.arsh who extracted the Amazon Instant File, we now have a newer version of Netflix that you can send to your Nexus Player.

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