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Dig helps dog lovers find similarly pawssionate people to date

You're either a dog person or you're not. Or maybe your boyfriend slowly hounded you with pictures and videos of puppies until you became a dog person and started drooling everytime you saw a pup. That may or may not be a tail based on personal experience. Regardless of how you fell in love with those fuzzy creatures, your personal life starts revolving around them and you'd want a pawtner who gets that. Dig is a dating app just for you then, and now it's available fur Android.

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[Update: Pre-orders open] Sony's robotic puppy Aibo is coming to the US in $2,899 'First Litter Edition' bundle

Sony first introduced Aibo, its robotic puppy toy, in 1999. It was discontinued in 2006. Then, last November, Aibo made a comeback in Japan, updated with modern trimmings like Wi-Fi connectivity and location mapping. The new model cost 198,000 yen (about $1,800), plus an additional 90,000 yen (about $800) for a three-year subscription to a cloud service. Now, Aibo is coming to America in a $2,899 "Limited First Litter Edition Release" that includes the robo-puppy itself, a subscription to the requisite cloud service, and some bonus items.

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Tips: Google Lens in Photos can now identify animals and plants, and be used on ChromeOS

A couple of days ago we learned that Google Lens was now rolling out to everyone inside Google Photos (and to more devices with Assistant), and one side-effect of that universal availability is it now works in ChromeOS. Aside from that, the promised identification of plants and animals is now active.

First, as discovered by Chrome Unboxed, you can download the Google Photos Android app on any Chromebook and use Lens inside it. It's a simple solution to not having a Pixelbook and one that should allow you to discover things inside your photos without having to reach for your phone first.

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Google Photos is rolling out identification and photo grouping for your dogs and cats

One of Google Photos' main selling points is how easily and accurately it can identify faces in photos and group them together. The face recognition is seriously impressive, and it saves a lot of time when you're looking in your library for pictures of a specific person. Now, as we first saw in a teardown, Google is rolling out the same feature for cats and dogs, allowing you to easily locate photos of your furry friends.

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Tindog Is Tinder For Dogs, Seriously

Has your dog been acting funny lately? Does it whine, bark incessantly, chew up your gadgets, and do unspeakable things to your couch cushions? These behaviors could be an outward expression of loneliness. Your dog is yearning for love. It's looking for that canine with a lustrous coat, a perfect tail, and a butt that smells just right.

As a good dog owner, you may feel obligated to help your four-legged friend find puppy love, but where do you start? You could take your dog on a walk to the park to check out other dogs hanging around with their owners.

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Superfish's PetMatch Uses Your Camera To Pair You With The Pet Of Your Dreams

When it comes to looking for love, finding a match isn't always easy. This is true of people, and it applies to pets as well. Superfish's PetMatch app tries to cut down on the amount of time it takes to find a companion. Users open the app, snap a picture of the kind of dog or cat they're looking for, and peruse a list of similar ones just waiting for someone to come along and adopt them.

Superfish specializes in the development of image recognition software, and the company has come out with a couple of ways of utilizing this capability. WindowShopper (not available for Android) helps consumers find products similar to something they have a photo of, and PetMatch extends the concept to pets.

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[New Game] Tongue Tied! Puts Slapstick Humor, Physics Twist On Platforming Genre

Tongue Tied, a young yet popular game for iOS has finally gotten the Android treatment from its creators at Mojo Bones Ltd, bringing the slapstick physics/platforming game to Android users everywhere today.

Tongue Tied fuses physics and platform gameplay styles with the wacky story of two dogs (Mick and Ralph) who are literally tongue tied. As shown in the video above, players can expect to bounce, swing, and jump through about 60 levels "in search of the elusive WonderBone."

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Besides offering dozens of levels to play through, Tongue Tied has score-based medals for each level, as well as 33 extra challenges with "some of the most interesting unlockables you're likely to see!"

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