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YouTube for Android TV has a cute trotting dog Easter egg

Google's quirky side rarely shows up these days, but we're always reminded of the company's more fun and personable nature when we come across an Easter egg in its apps and services. The latest to be pointed out to us is in the YouTube app on Android TV and it's a cute corgi that trots along the seek bar, similar to the one we saw in Hangouts a couple of years ago.

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After 12-year hiatus, Sony announces return of aibo robot pet

After a nearly 12-year absence, Sony announced the return of the aibo robot pet. The new model of aibo, ERS-1000, uses an unspecified 64-bit quad core CPU, in addition to a variety of custom-developed actuators and sensors allowing aibo to move freely and interact with humans and the environment. The aibo can move its body along 22 axes, and can provide visual cues with OLED-display eyes. Four microphones and a speaker facilitate audio input and output, and two fisheye cameras with simultaneous location and mapping (SLAM) capabilities allow it to detect objects, in much the same way self-driving car technology works.

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