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Plugable launches Cube USB-C docking station for Samsung devices

More than two years after Samsung announced its original Dex dock, Plugable designed a competitor that can work with virtually any USB-C device. The Cube is a tiny hub that connects to your device through an external cable and acts as a dock to link it to USB peripherals, a monitor, and even an external network.

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[Update: Work and Personal tabs in drawer] Android P feature spotlight: The Pixel Launcher's dock is now shaded (APK Download)

The launcher is arguably the most frequently viewed screen on your phone, and it's also one that Google thoroughly enjoys playing around with. Of course, we couldn't have a new major release of Android without some change in the launcher, and this time is no different.

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Leaked DeX Pad photos reveal lay-down design that transforms your Galaxy into a touchpad

Samsung introduced the DeX Station alongside the Galaxy S8 last year. For those unfamiliar with DeX, it's a dock system that enables you to project a desktop experience to an external monitor. Just one day after 2018 began, Samsung registered 'DeX Pad' as a trademark in Europe. Now we have our first look at the DeX Pad, and while it's not a looker, its purpose is to turn your Galaxy phone into a touchpad.

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HyperDrive is a combo USB-C hub, stand, and Qi charger on Kickstarter (and it's already funded)

Usually, we aren't too into Kickstarter stuff here at AP. No small number of crowdfunded endeavors have failed to materialize in the past, and too many of them are merely rebadged OEM goods. But in this brave new dongle-filled world, the HyperDrive has caught our eye. It's a combo USB-C hub, Qi charger, and phone stand all in one. And, unlike many Kickstarter promises, this one has already hit its funding goal.

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Razer Project Linda hands-on: An ambitious concept that remains unconvincing

I'm sure that you've heard all about Razer's Project Linda, which has caught the attention of many media outlets here at CES. David and I dropped by Razer's booth to take a look at the concept, and while the wide-eyed technology enthusiast in me thought it was super neat, my pragmatic side remained unconvinced.

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[Deal Alert] Anker 6' USB-A to USB-C cable just $10 at Amazon (28% off), plus deals on other Anker products

Anker is running a decent little sale over on Amazon. Right now you can pick up a six-foot durable braided USB-C cable for just $10, a 20,000mAh battery for $41.99, a USB-C mini-dock with 2 USB, 4KHDMI, SD Card slot, and Ethernet for $62.99, and a tiny cubic Bluetooth speaker for $16.59

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[Deal Alert] Pick up a 4-5.2" phone mount over at Amazon for $4 ($4 savings)

If you are in the market for an inexpensive phone mount, right now over at Amazon you can pick one up for $4 with promo code HM6MF7KT. It's regularly $8, which makes that a 50% savings. Make a bold note, though, that it will only work if you've got a phone on the smaller side, between 4 and 5.2" in screen size (or 55mm-85mm in width).

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[Deal Alert] Save up to $10 on AUKEY chargers and a 20,000mAh battery at Amazon with promo codes

Amazon has a ton of obscure brands that sell shady, poorly-built products you should avoid; AUKEY is not one of them. I personally own a few AUKEY chargers and batteries, and I've been very satisfied with all of them. Now, through November 29th, AUKEY is handing out discounts for some of their products in the form of promo codes.

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Customers Frustrated At Lack Of Extra Chargers For The Gear Live And G Watch - Samsung Will Offer Replacements Soon

Manufactures have been scaling back the included extras that come with hardware for a while now - you won't find included headphones or cases with any of the latest flagship phones. But you can generally rely on getting a USB cable and a wall-wart charger at least. Such is the case with the current Android Wear devices, the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live. But if you have one, you'd better hold onto that charger like it's made of gold, because it might as well be. At present there doesn't seem to be any way to get a replacement.

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Sony's XSP N1BT Double-DIN Smartphone Car Stereo Phone Mount Is Available On Amazon And Crutchfield For $250

Remember that neato Sony car stereo we checked out at CES, which is basically the perfect receiver for someone who uses their phone for all their in-car entertainment? Well, the XSP N1BT (catchy!) is here. You can buy it from Crutchfield or pre-order it now on Amazon for $249.99, and it will ship out on Thursday the 29th, just barely making Sony's May commitment for release.


If you don't recall, the XSP N1BT is a Bluetooth-powered receiver that foregoes the fancy color screens of modern car stereos for a tiny dock that clamps onto your phone. Once it's in, a combination of an NFC pairing element and a custom-made Sony app will let your phone control the stereo if you're listening to AM/FM radio, satellite radio, or a CD.

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