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IF Hits Version 1.4 While DO Button, DO Camera, And DO Note All Go 2.0 With Unlimited Recipes And Other New Features

IFTTT updates DO come in sets these days. Though the developers separated DO Button, DO Camera, and DO Notes into individual apps, they tend to release new versions at around the same time so that none of them get jealous. Some of the latest changes are similar across the three DO apps, such as the inclusion of unlimited recipes. Other tweaks are unique. So let's pay attention to what the updates DO and see why each app is special in its own way.

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IFTTT Do Button, Camera, And Note Apps Gain New Docsend, Ecobee, Greewave Systems, And Wink Shortcuts Channels In Version 1.1

Not long ago each of the T's in IFTTT left IF behind and formed their own little Android apps that had nothing to do with the letter T: Do Button, Do Camera, and Do Note. Today the IFTTT team has pushed out an update for these three apps.

Version 1.1 provides each Do app with access to four new Channels. You can now interact with DocSendecobeeGreenwave Systems, and Wink Shortcuts when pressing a button, taking a picture, or creating a note.

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IFTTT Android App Becomes IF—Joined By New 'Do' Button, Camera, And Note Apps

IFTTT is changing things up. The company has renamed its existing Android app to IF, leaving us to wonder what happened to the This Then That part of the formula. Functionality-wise, nothing. The app is largely the same as it was before, but it's now joined by three companions that are all focused on DOing. More on them in a second.


Do Button, Do Camera, and Do Note take IFTTT's trademark approach of combining different services together to create desirable automated outcomes and channel it into more specific directions.

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