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Twitter introduces new DM-request filtering tool to save you from dealing with its charming user base

Twitter is a fun place, isn't it? It's a friendly area of the internet where you can go to engage in meaningful, mutually respectful conversations. Oh wait, I meant the exact opposite. In any case, it's trying to improve and one of its latest methods is to filter out "lower quality" direct messages from your inbox. The social media giant announced its new feature this afternoon, to mixed response.

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Latest Instagram tests swap DM and profile tab positions, add quick emoji access to comments

Google is the king of server-side tests, but it's by no means the only company that does them. Instagram also uses them fairly often, and this time around, it's trying something that may make some people a bit annoyed. It's experimenting with swapping the profile and DM icons, as well as putting a row of emoji in the comments section for quick access.

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Instagram is testing a native 'Regram' button, a hashtag following function, pinned threads in direct messages, and more

We all know Google as a company that is constantly testing new features with different users, and it turns out that Instagram has a similar habit. The Next Web spotted a ton of cool features the popular social media platform is working on, including a native 'Regram' button, the ability to follow hashtags, and much more.

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Instagram now supports links and landscape/portrait images in direct messages

Instagram isn't just for posting pictures of food anymore. Whether you like it or not, the app has branched out to become a Snapchat competitor too, and now its direct messaging abilities are getting an upgrade.

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