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DJI publishes the DJI Fly app for the Mavic Mini

When DJI released its newest and lightest foldable drone called the Mavic Mini last month, it also announced a new app to go along with it. Instead of adding support for the new drone to the existing DJI Go 4 app, the company has now released DJI Fly. The drone maker says DJI Fly is better suited for novices and newcomers, which it hopes to attract with the Mavic Mini.

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The new ultra-light DJI Mavic Mini flies at 30MPH, doesn't require FAA registration

Today DJI is officially launching the Mavic Mini drone, the smallest and lightest folding drone the company has ever created. With its legs tucked underneath, the Mini is shorter than a Samsung Galaxy S10+ and weighs only 74 grams more. Starting at $399, it targets drone newcomers and veterans alike with its bag and pocket-friendly foldable design, decent camera and video-recording capabilities, and a streamlined companion app that offers quick shortcuts for creating cinema-like shots and videos.

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