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Disqus is rolling out collapsed replies, and we hate it as much as you do

As you may have noticed, Android Police and a lot of other sites around the internet use Disqus as a comment platform. It's easier for everyone to have a system that works across sites, but we're also at the mercy of Disqus. You're about to notice a change in the comments, and we don't like it any more than you do.

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Disqus gets acquired by marketing technology company Zeta Global

That comment section that we all use on Android Police and that we often see and use on other sites is powered by Disqus, a company that makes it easy for sites like us to have a highly interactive and independent comment section while also maintaining control over moderation. Disqus is a very coveted brand and now it belongs to Zeta Global.

If you've never heard of Zeta, please join me in raising an eyebrow. Apparently it's a "marketing technology company that helps leading brands acquire, retain and grow customer relationships." I am not sure I'm clear on what exactly that is still, so this quote from Zeta's CEO David Steinberg helped me a little: "We're redefining the marketing technology space with actionable data, artificial intelligence that answers business problems and a marketing hub that serves as the nerve center for data-driven marketers."

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[Meta] You can now block annoying jerks in Disqus comments

Android Police and many other sites use Disqus to manage comments, and today the platform is getting a very welcome new feature. Users can now block people they don't want to hear from without bugging moderators. Beware, comment trolls.

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We Are Hosting An AMA With Disqus Next Friday, April 29th At 11AM Pacific, And You Are Invited

Disqus has been our comment and discussion platform of choice here at Android Police for just over four years. In that time, over a million comments have been made by you, our readers. I think I can speak for the entire AP team when I say that reading comments threads on the articles we write, particularly when they are witty or insightful, is one of the highlights of this job.

Disqus is the vehicle that carries these comment threads that bring us collective enjoyment, education, and sometimes frustration. We are sure that there are things that you love about Disqus, and, perhaps, some things you would like to see changed.

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Your Eyes Aren't Lying - We Moved Our Comments To Disqus. Here's Why (Bonus: Preview Of Next Generation Disqus 2012)

If you haven't noticed yet, AP comments are now powered by Disqus. It took a really long time to squash all integration bugs and accept some downsides of moving to a non-native comment system, but when two complicated systems and over a hundred thousand comments are involved, migration gets a little tricky (to say the least).

After studying the code of the Disqus plugin to the point that I am now familiar with it more intimately than I ever cared to be, over 200 emails with the Disqus team, reporting multiple bugs and submitting code patches, many sleepless nights, ripped our hairs, and cursing, I was finally satisfied enough to pull the trigger last Saturday night.

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[2x Polls] Should AndroidPolice Implement DISQUS Or IntenseDebate Comment System? Please Cast Your Votes

The team here at AndroidPolice wants you, our readers, to have the best time while visiting the site, which is why we are constantly listening to your feedback.

This week we are trying to see if you would prefer a new comment system, such as IntenseDebate or DISQUS - those are the 2 biggest ones, in place of the current threaded comment system.

Please see below for more info on the options and then cast your votes in the following 2 polls.

New Comment System?

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