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Sprint will repair your shattered Samsung Galaxy display for $50 even if you're not a customer

Broken displays often end up being the death sentence for old phones, so in a great marketing move that's also good for the environment, Sprint has decided to offer $50 repairs for shattered Samsung Galaxy screens. The deal is valid regardless of your carrier and will run through February 9 or while supply lasts. To take advantage of it, you need to drop in at a nearby Sprint shop.

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Samsung will replace your first broken Galaxy Fold display for $149

The Galaxy Fold is one of the most troubled smartphones in recent memory, and it hasn't even hit store shelves, yet. From being reengineered after rogue tech reviewers savagely ripped what appeared to be screen protectors right out of the displays, to failing basic legs of JerryRigEverything's device torture test, the pressure for a successful launch has been mounting. In an attempt to ease consumer concerns regarding the Fold's fragile display, Samsung has officially announced a screen replacement program for early adopters.

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Google’s blocking of phone repair ads is pushing customers towards more expensive first-party services

With modern smartphones consisting mainly of glass and metal, accidental drops can easily lead to shattered screens and most people affected then use Google to search for repair options. The problem is, ever since the Wall Street Journal uncovered a bunch of fraudulent advertisements back in August 2018, Google has blocked numerous ads for third-party hardware repairs. These service providers then see reduced revenue as consumers are inadvertently pushed towards expensive first-party repairs instead. According to a new report by Engadget, they are understandably pretty peeved.

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