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Play Disney Parks attempts to gamify the experience of waiting in line at Disney's theme parks

It's been a long time since I've been to Walt Disney World, but my friends who have been there more recently with their families bear harrowing tales of crowds, lines, and heat. Disney appears to be aware of the pain points that sap some of the joy of visiting one of its theme parks, and its new app called Play Disney Parks is an attempt at alleviating some of those discomforts. Now waiting in line and making your way through hordes of other distressed families can be more fun, maybe?

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Disney theme parks are now on Google Maps Street View

You know what's fun? Going to a Disney theme park. You know what's even more fun? Being paid to go to a Disney theme park. That's what a few lucky Google employees got to do, because the company announced today that eleven Disney parks have been mapped on Street View. This includes Walt Disney World, California Adventures, Disneyland Paris, and others.

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