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Google Assistant is now live on DISH Hopper DVRs [Update]

DISH subscribers who lose their TV remote might not need to tear the living room apart looking for it anymore. The TV provider has just rolled out the previously announced Assistant support in its family of Hopper DVRs. That means you can shout at the TV, and it will actually do something.

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DISH Anywhere app comes to Android TV

DISH has been relatively fast in adopting new Android-related devices and services, from 4K Android TV boxes to Google Assistant support, but it's only now that the cable box provider has decided to support Android TV properly and release its DISH Anywhere app for the platform.

If you have a DISH Anywhere subscription, you'll now be able to watch your shows and channels from your NVIDIA SHIELD, Xiaomi Mi Box, AirTV Player, and any other Android TV set-top box or integrated TV. The app is the same as the one for your phone and tablet, but with version 2.2.3, it's now installable on Android TV too.

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Dish set-top boxes will soon gain Google Assistant support

Google Assistant launched with just a few third-party product integrations, but the list has grown considerably since then. You can add Dish to that list soon. The satellite television provider has announced its set-top boxes will soon plug into Google Assistant on all your other devices. That means you can channel surf without touching the remote.

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Sling brings the Cloud DVR feature to Android and Roku devices

Sling TV offers a compelling value for cord cutters who want to stream cable television channels without paying the hefty prices. One of its weaknesses was its all-live setup, which it addressed with the Cloud DVR "First Look" program. Initially limited to Fire devices, the company has now expanded access to the service to Android and Roku players. 

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Dish unveils AirTV, a 4K Android TV streaming box with Netflix, Sling, and YouTube

Boxes that go under your TV and offer access to Netflix or other streaming services or over-the-air TV channels are all the rage at the moment, with things like Roku and NVIDIA Shield selling well. A new competitor has entered the area, as AirTV lays its claim to be under your television.

AirTV is a subsidiary of Dish, so that would explain why its pushing both OTA channels and Sling TV a great deal. The box, the AirTV Player, is powered by Android TV, and plays its content at 4K resolution. The OTA channels require an AirTV adapter and OTA antenna, which are both sold separately.

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T-Mobile Reportedly Wants To Merge With Dish Network, With John Legere Serving As CEO Of Combined Company

Communication companies are hooking up around us as we speak. Mobile carrier AT&T is buying satellite provider DirecTV. Cable distributor Charter is acquiring rivals Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks. Now T-Mobile is looking to merge with Dish Network, according to The Wall Street Journal.


The two sides apparently agree on how the combined company would look. T-Mobile CEO John Legere would serve as CEO, while Dish Chief Executive Charlie Ergen would be the chairman. But they haven't yet come to an agreement on how much money would exchange hands.

This merger draws obvious parallels with AT&T's acquisition. A DirecTV-enhanced AT&T and a combined T-Mobile/Dish would both provide cellular service, satellite TV, and Internet access through either satellite or mobile networks.

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Sling International Android App Hits The Play Store, DishWorld Gets Update Telling You To Download Sling


Sling TV Introduces Sling International, Provides Nearly 200 Channels Across 18 Languages To Houses In The US

The base Sling TV package already provides a pretty decent value. For $20, subscribers get access to more than 20 channels over the Internet. More are available through add-on packages.

Now the company is diversifying its portfolio, so to speak. The number of channels available in the US is jumping to nearly 200, spread across 18 languages. They're available as part of Sling International.


Okay, Sling International is really just a new name for DishWorld, the IPTV service Dish Network (which owns Sling TV) started offering in 2012. This laid the foundation for Sling TV in the first place, and now Dish is just getting its branding in order.

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DISH Anywhere App Update Includes Multiple User Profiles, 'Hopper Pairing' In Lieu Of Passwords, Bill Pay, And NCAA Tourney Features

DISH Network has updated their official app with a variety of improvements and new features, making it better both as a streaming video player and as an account management console. Probably the best addition in this update is the ability to support multiple profiles for a single subscriber account, a la Netflix. Each profile will have its own favorites list and recommendations, making family sharing a lot smoother.

Also on the streaming side of things, DISH has tried to make following the NCAA men's basketball tournament simpler. While it already has its own sports section to help you separate that content from general TV, this update brings with it the ability to look through the tourney bracket to check on scores.

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Dish And Artemis Networks Team Up To Test New Wireless Network Tech In San Francisco

You might know Steve Perlman as that guy who comes up with really interesting ideas that kind of, sort of don't work out very well. He was the man behind both WebTV and OnLive, but his newest venture has attracted the attention of Dish, which has a big pile of wireless spectrum licenses. Dish has just licensed some of its spectrum to Perlman's Artemis Networks for use in a completely new kind of wireless network, and it could soon be operating in San Francisco.


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