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[Deal Alert] Arlo Pro 2 add-on camera $175, 2-pack $400, and 2-pack with solar panel $465

A couple of weeks ago, we shared with you a deal for Arlo's Pro 2 cameras, but it was only for the 6-pack of cams. If you don't have a large surface to cover and you're interested in getting a new security system (or adding to your existing one), today's deals might be right up your alley.

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[Deal Alert] Amazon Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite down $30 to $49.99 and $89.99, respectively

I know this isn't exactly Android news, but it's Android-adjacent so I've decided it counts as a deal alert. Amazon is discounting two of its Kindle ebook readers by $30: the regular Kindle and the Kindle Paperwhite. With the price drop, these now start at $49.99 and $89.99, respectively, an all-time low that we've seen on very rare occasions before.

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[Deal Alert] 15% off select eBay purchases of $50 or more, up to $50 off

It seems like every other week eBay releases a 10 or 15% off site-wide coupon. The time has come again, as a new Memorial Day promotion has started. Now you can get 15% off items from select sellers, as long as the product is $50 or more.

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[Deal Alert] Save 20-30% on Anker's Eufy smart lights, Genie Alexa smart speaker, and connected scale

Anker's sub-brand Eufy makes some really interesting home products, a few of which happen to be smart and compatible with our Android-connected lives. Today, three of these are on discount: a connected body scale, a smart tunable white light, and a pack of 2 tunable white lights with a smart speaker. Without further ado, here are the deals.

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[Freebie Alert] The beautiful Monument Valley is free for the next 7 days

Every time we see Monument Valley go free on the Play Store, we have to stop whatever we're doing for a second and let you know about it. The game is quite "old" at this point, but it still feels timeless. From the clean designs, engaging music, to the smart geometric puzzles and perspective-shifting environment, it is a delight. And if you've never played it before, now you can.

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Verizon Mother's Day deals include BOGO on Pixel 2 with free Google Home Mini and Chromecast

Mother's Day is almost upon us and so are the related deals. If your mom needs a new phone and you do too, or maybe if both your mom and mother-in-law need new phones, you may want to give Verizon's BOGO offers a look.

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[Deal Alert] Logi Circle 2 security camera wired $139 ($40 off), wire-free $149 ($50 off)

Security cameras are one of the most important gadgets to own if you care about your home and belongings. Some like to install them outdoor and monitor their house's entrance, others keep them indoors and check on what's happening inside when they're away or in another room, and some just like installing them when they're going away for a vacation and putting them back in the drawer when they come back. Regardless of your use, the Logi Circle 2 should do the job, and it's now being discounted in both its wired and wire-free forms.

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[Deal Alert] 15% off eBay purchases of $50 or more, up to $100 off

eBay has been regularly spitting promotional coupons for discounted purchases in recent days. As good as the deals have been, they're also quite short-lived. So with today's May the 4th promotion offering 15% off purchases of $50 or more (up to a maximum $100 total discount), you'll probably want to act fast. If there's a laptop, phone, or even just a pair of linen summer shorts you've had on your watch list, today's the day to grab it. 

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[Deal Alert] Refurbished Blu phones from Daily Steals for as little as $25 with our exclusive code

Blu might not be the most famed of Android OEMs, but it does make some serviceable budget devices. If you're looking for a dirt cheap phone — maybe as a second burner handset for taking to festivals or something like that — Daily Steals has got some Blu models for as little as $35 right now. With our $10 coupon code that price can come down to just $25.

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[Deal Alert] Libratone Q Adapt USB-C in-ear down to $119 ($30 off), Wireless on-ear down to $199 ($50 off)

It's a sad state of affairs, but smartphones nowadays are skipping the 3.5mm headset plug for valid, and sometimes not-so-valid, reasons. If your Android phone is following that trend, you have two solutions to listen to music: Bluetooth and USB-C. Today's deals on Libratone might help you save on both of these options.

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