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Verizon Mother's Day deals include BOGO on Pixel 2 with free Google Home Mini and Chromecast

Mother's Day is almost upon us and so are the related deals. If your mom needs a new phone and you do too, or maybe if both your mom and mother-in-law need new phones, you may want to give Verizon's BOGO offers a look.

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[Deal Alert] Logi Circle 2 security camera wired $139 ($40 off), wire-free $149 ($50 off)

Security cameras are one of the most important gadgets to own if you care about your home and belongings. Some like to install them outdoor and monitor their house's entrance, others keep them indoors and check on what's happening inside when they're away or in another room, and some just like installing them when they're going away for a vacation and putting them back in the drawer when they come back. Regardless of your use, the Logi Circle 2 should do the job, and it's now being discounted in both its wired and wire-free forms.

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[Deal Alert] 15% off eBay purchases of $50 or more, up to $100 off

eBay has been regularly spitting promotional coupons for discounted purchases in recent days. As good as the deals have been, they're also quite short-lived. So with today's May the 4th promotion offering 15% off purchases of $50 or more (up to a maximum $100 total discount), you'll probably want to act fast. If there's a laptop, phone, or even just a pair of linen summer shorts you've had on your watch list, today's the day to grab it. 

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[Deal Alert] Refurbished Blu phones from Daily Steals for as little as $25 with our exclusive code

Blu might not be the most famed of Android OEMs, but it does make some serviceable budget devices. If you're looking for a dirt cheap phone — maybe as a second burner handset for taking to festivals or something like that — Daily Steals has got some Blu models for as little as $35 right now. With our $10 coupon code that price can come down to just $25.

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[Deal Alert] Libratone Q Adapt USB-C in-ear down to $119 ($30 off), Wireless on-ear down to $199 ($50 off)

It's a sad state of affairs, but smartphones nowadays are skipping the 3.5mm headset plug for valid, and sometimes not-so-valid, reasons. If your Android phone is following that trend, you have two solutions to listen to music: Bluetooth and USB-C. Today's deals on Libratone might help you save on both of these options.

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[Deal Alert] Get 50% off a Dashlane password manager premium membership, plus 10% off with coupon

In this day and age of privacy and security concerns, having strong unique passwords across the different sites and services you use is essential. Remembering them all can be a hassle, if not impossible, so that's why password managers are crucial. I use Enpass and I'm checking out Myki, but depending on your needs, you may find you prefer LastPass or Dashlane among others. We're here to talk about the latter: StackSocial is offering a 50% off discount on a Dashlane premium membership, and you can get another 10% off with a coupon code.

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[Deal Alert] Anker Zolo Liberty+ true wireless earbuds $109.99 ($40 off), Roav VIVA Alexa car charger $37.99 ($12 off) with coupon

I have dabbled with completely wireless earbuds before (The Dash) and came away loving the idea but not completely convinced that the technology was there yet. But over the past year, brand upon brand has released its own version and I'm ready to give the form factor another try. The one option I've had my eye on is Anker's Zolo Liberty+ that Artem got a couple of months ago and literally could not stop talking about for a few weeks. He praised it so much that I think I nearly made an order right then and there, without reading a single review.

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[Deal Alert] Save $100 on the JBL Link 500, $20 on the JBL Playlist (lowest price yet), and $50 on the Link 10, 20, and 300

Need some multi-room or smart speakers in your house? Today's your lucky day. JBL has discounts on 5 of its Chromecast speakers, 4 of which happen to also be voice-activated Google Assistant speakers, and the prices are enticing and nearly the lowest we've ever seen across the board. The deal should last until May 12, 2018, so the promo seems to be geared toward Mother's Day gifting.

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[Deal Alert] Wink Hub (1st gen) down to $24.99 on Amazon

Getting into home automation and smart home appliances can be a very elitist and expensive endeavor. If you want to take things a little seriously, you need a central hub that talks to your different smart objects and sensors over Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Z-Wave, and more, then automates processes between them. You can use it to make the light turn on when you open a door, or the siren sound off when some motion is detected. Hub choices are varied, but the two that keep coming back again and again in the smart home conversation are Wink and Samsung's SmartThings, both with Android apps and Google Assistant/Home integration.

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[Deal Alert] Google Clips is down to $199 ($50 off) on the Google Store

Google's Clips is quite unlike any camera you've seen before. Announced along with the Pixel 2 in October 2017, this camera uses machine learning to detect when something interesting is happening and automatically take motion photos (think short videos without sound). Google seemed to target it to households with kids or pets where parents may want to leave the camera laying around and then check it out to see if it captured anything interesting. However, with a price tag as high as $250 and a launch date that slipped way into February/early March, Clips sort of came to market without much fanfare.

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