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[Free Alert] Paula Abdul ICON, jazz sampler, and more albums are gratis on Google Play Music

Google recently started handing out free music via Play Music again, and we're glad to see the trend back. Almost none of the music is the kind that most of us usually listen to, but hey, free is free. This time around, we've got a pretty wide variety, from jazz to Dutch pop.

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[Deal Alert] Google Pixelbook (i5/256GB) $909 on Amazon ($290 off)

The Google Pixelbook is indisputably the best Chromebook around; in fact, it's one of the best laptops running any operating system. It's so good that many of my colleagues now use it as their main computer, David included. Seriously, spend even five minutes typing on that wonderous keyboard and I guarantee you'll fall in love.

If there's one downside to the Pixelbook, it's that it isn't cheap. Thankfully, we're starting to see more and more deals on it, and this is one of the best yet. For just $909.32, you can get the 256GB model with an Intel Core i5 chip and 8GB of RAM from Amazon.

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[Deal Alert] Logitech Circle 2 wire-free security camera $129.99 ($70 off), wired model $139.99 ($40 off)

It's tough to choose a good security camera nowadays. Hundreds of brands are releasing their own and almost all of them offer a similar featureset. What I look for, personally, is integration with other smart home systems — namely Google Home — and whether or not a monthly fee is required to get the basic features. For those two reasons, the Logi Circle 2 has been on my watchlist for a long time, and its temptation is getting harder to resist with these two discounts.

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25% off dbrand’s entire shop, plus new Carbon Fiber skins [Sponsored Post]

Ubiquitous tech YouTube sponsor and phone customizer dbrand has just launched two new materials: Gray and Yellow Carbon Fiber. To celebrate the launch, dbrand is offering a site-wide 25% off discount, no coupon required. Just add the items to cart and you’re good to go.

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Get 20% off up to $100 on Amazon when you buy with AMEX Membership Rewards

We've been keeping track of the best deals to come from Amazon's Prime Day, but one of the most sizable discounts you can get today isn't actually tied to any specific gadget. Turns out, some AMEX cardholders can get 20% off, up to a maximum $100 off, if they link their AMEX Membership Rewards account to Amazon and make a purchase with at least 1 rewards point. 

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Deezer Premium comes to Google Home in the US, Australia, Canada, and Italy — US Home and Chromecast owners get 3 months for $0.99 offer

It's been a long road for Deezer's support on Google Home. First announced during last year's I/O, the service launched in Germany and France in August of 2017, then took its sweet time to arrive in the UK this April. Now, it has finally crossed the Atlantic and become available in the US and Canada. It also came to Australia and Italy.

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[Deal Alert] Samsung Chromebook Pro 64GB down to $479.99 ($119 off)

If you're looking for a good deal on a convertible Chromebook and you missed the $250 Pixelbook deal, I have a nice alternative for you and it will cost you a lot less money. Best Buy is discounting the 64GB Samsung Chromebook Pro from $599 to $479.99, the lowest price we've seen on a new unit so far.

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[Deal Alert] eBay is offering 15% off everything (up to $100 discount) with a code for today only

eBay really, really likes running site-wide discounts. Sometimes it's 15% and sometimes it's even 20%, but eBay has deemed today a good day for the 15% one. We're not sure how these codes are financially prudent for eBay, but hey, we're not going to complain.

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[Deal Alert] Save $20-$50 on Nest Hello and Thermostats and get a free Google Home Mini

Do you need some new smart and useful gadgets in your home? Maybe you want a doorbell camera to keep an eye on visitors and delivery packages while you're not home, or maybe you need a smart thermostat to save on power and keep your house at an ideal temperature all the time. In that case, Nest should catch your eye — even more so now that you can grab a few of its products at a discount.

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[Deal Alert] eBay is offering 20% off anything with coupon code for today only, maximum discount of $100

For a while between March and May, it seemed like eBay was giving out sitewide coupon codes every other day. Sometimes it was 20% off, sometimes it was 15% off, and other times it was 15% off with 20% off for select sellers. Now, the 20% discount is back for Father's Day, matching the best discount we've seen thus far.

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