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It looks like the original Google Pixelbook is gone for good

The original Pixelbook has a good run, but it looks as though Google is no longer making the premium convertible Chromebook. It's now showing as "No longer available" on the Google Store, and when asked about this by Engadget, the company didn't say it would be coming back and instead pointed buyers to the Pixelbook Go.

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Google discontinues the Pixel 4 and 4 XL before releasing the Pixel 5

Google has just teased its new flagship Pixel 5 (and the Pixel 4a 5G), but the Pixel 4 remains the only high-end phone the company currently sells. After the Pixel 4a launch event, we noticed that the Pixel 4 started disappearing from the Google Store, with its status flip-flopping between available and sold out. The most damning evidence we found is a Google support page that says the Pixel 4 is no longer available in the US. And sure enough, while Google wouldn't tell us what's up, The Verge now says the company has just confirmed that it has discontinued the Pixel 4.

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Logitech’s voice-controlled Harmony Express is being discontinued, will stop working in September

Logitech took a risk when it launched the Harmony Express, a new take on age-old problems surrounding universal remotes. Instead of plastering the device with every button you could possibly need, the Express' primary input is its microphone, powered by Amazon Alexa. While our own Ryne Hager loved this approach in his review last year, the unique strategy apparently didn't catch on as much as the company had hoped: Logitech is discontinuing the remote on September 30, 2020, when the Express and its companion apps will stop working.

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Datally, Google's data-saving app, has been unceremoniously axed from the Play Store

Google has a ton of first-party applications hanging out in the Play Store, from the more popular superstars like Google Search, Assistant, and Maps, to the less prominent Authenticator, Playground, or Opinion Rewards. Google has also killed off plenty of beloved applications over the years, and now the crew at Mountain View has seemingly struck again, this time tossing Datally into the pit of oblivion.

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RIP: Insignia's cheap and popular Assistant-equipped speakers have been discontinued

We'd like a moment of silence for our fallen friend, the oft-discounted, Assistant-equipped Insignia Voice smart speaker. It was officially discontinued sometime around the turn of April, and it's no longer offered by Best Buy, which owns Insignia.

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[Update: Sold out] Google confirms Chromecast Audio has been discontinued — get 'em at a discount while you can

Yesterday, a post on Reddit said that Google's little music streamer that could, Chromecast Audio, had been discontinued. Sadly, that turned out to be true: according to an official statement from Google, the device is no longer being manufactured.

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Samsung Movie Maker to be discontinued after Android P update

Ever heard of Samsung Movie Maker? It's preinstalled on many Galaxy devices, but it's pretty well-hidden; it only shows up after you begin editing a video through the Gallery app. However, the service will soon be discontinued when Android P rolls around, so a few of you might have to find a new video editor on Android.

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[Deal Alert] Verizon's discontinued Wear24 smartwatch is down to just $49.99 ($300 off) with coupon code [Update: Deal is done]

Last May, Verizon thought it would be a good idea to start selling a $350 Android Wear smartwatch. Several months later, it discontinued the Wear24, and the leftovers have been popping up at a steep discount ever since. Today, the Wear24 has hit an all-time low price of just $50. That's $300 less than the original price.

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Opera kills off Opera Max and delists it from Play Store, service will continue to work for an unspecified time

Here's some great news to start off your Monday: Opera is suddenly and abruptly killing off its Opera Max app. Opera Max was a free VPN service that aimed to compress data before it got to your device in order to lower data usage. Unfortunately, it is now no more.

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YouTube's Video Editor and photo slideshows are being discontinued on September 20th

YouTube has been the biggest video-sharing site out there for many years, but that doesn't mean that everything about it is good. Two of those not-so-good things include the Video Editor and photo slideshows, which are both sparingly used. For that reason, YouTube is discontinuing the use of these two features after September 20th, 2017.

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