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Google Maps mixing rideshare, bikeshare, and scooter options into transit direction suggestions

Everyone deserves the freedom of mobility, no matter if they own their devices — feet, bike, car, pogo stick — or not. Fortunately for people planning out journeys via public transportation or vehicleshare services, Google Maps has been picking those methods up one by one by one to offer a better real-time navigation experience. Now, the app is incorporating these so-called "first mile" and "last mile" solutions for people looking for transit directions.

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Google Maps brings new public transit features to India, including live delay info

If you ride a bus, tram, or train in India and use Google Maps to help you get where you need to be, you're about to get some useful, timely information. The company has not just been working to expand its availability of transit scheduling information, but improve upon its accuracy. In 10 of the largest Indian cities, commuters will be able to see live India Railways train statuses, traffic-impacted bus trip times, and new navigation suggestions tat integrate auto-rickshaw into other public transit modes.

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Google Maps adds support for transit directions in Bulgaria

Google is more and more integrated into our daily lives: Many of us use the company's email, calendar, and Assistant services, which work seamlessly with each other. They can be particularly handy when you receive an email for an event, which is then automatically recognized as a calendar appointment and added to your schedule. The day of the event, Assistant can remind you of this meeting and even tell you how long you'll need to get there. However, in order for all of this to work, Google's services need to be available where you need them, which is unfortunately not always the case.

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Google Maps tests directions screen with refreshed Material Design, rolls out For You tab to 130 countries

With every few updates, Google Maps seems to walk closer and closer to a full-fledged refresh of its Material interface, helping it go along with the new direction Google is taking this year with its app design language. We've seen a new look for the main interface, an updated side menu, overhauled hotel listings, new fonts in many places throughout the app, a persistent Overview/Reviews/Photos bar on some place listings, and even an update to the look of the app on Android Auto. But over the past couple of days, one more part of the app is getting its re-looking session: Directions.

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'Navigation for Google Maps Go' fixes one of Android Go's biggest problems [APK Download]

The single largest omission present in Google Maps Go (and, in part, Android Go) was the lack of proper navigation support. If you tried to use the app to get turn-by-turn directions, you were pretty much out of luck, as it would just point you to the more fully-featured Google Maps app—basically defeating the purpose of a "maps" app, in my opinion. Well, Maps Go still can't do navigation, but Google has seen fit to break that functionality out into yet another Go app: Navigation for Google Maps Go.

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Google is rolling out 'Getting around' preferences in Assistant

Finding directions is a popular use for Google Assistant, but what if you aren't driving? Or, what if you only drive sometimes, but your commute involves walking or biking? Google appears to be rolling out a new setting in Assistant to accommodate this situation. It's got the very casual name "Getting around."

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Microsoft's Path Guide app for Android makes creating and giving directions indoors easy

Microsoft recently released a new app for Android called Path Guide, which allows you to easily create and follow custom routes for indoor areas that exist as linear instructions separate from a map. Think of a children's treasure hunt where each goal shows the next step, toss the whole thing on your phone, and that's the concept. Even more interesting, it makes the process of creating those directions literally as easy as taking a walk. When you want to make a path just fire up the app and go for a stroll. By pulling data from your phone's sensors as you move to your destination it handles everything for you.

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Google Maps will now remember your route preferences when searching for directions

Most of us rely on Google Maps to find directions when we don't know the way ourselves. Maps defaults to showing you the fastest route based on the data it has at its disposal. Although, maybe that's not the way you want to go. There's some good news if you always have to set preferences for routes like avoiding highways or tolls. Maps now remembers them.

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The newer, more accurate direction indicator in Google Maps is going live for all users

Last month a few Google Maps users started seeing a new display style for the direction indicator, that little arrow that shows which way your device is pointed (or at least which way it thinks it's pointed) on the primary maps and navigation interface. Specifically, it's no longer an arrow: it's a more general "beam" indicator that shows both the approximate direction you're facing and how accurate your device's orientation reporting is. According to the official Google Maps blog, that feature is now rolling out to all users.

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Now You Can Send Directions From Desktop Google Maps To Your Android Device

It can be convenient to pull up directions at a PC while you're sitting at your desk, but you're not going to lug that thing outside to the car when it's time to hit the road. That means you have to get the directions to your phone or tablet, which often means just searching a second time. Back in April, Google tried to alleviate this issue by introducing the ability to send directions directly from Search. Now the company is providing the option to send the information from desktop Maps to the Android app.

If you have the latest version of Google Maps installed (9.11.0), you should see Send to device appear at the bottom of the card detailing the current location.

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