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Twitter Supports Direct Share On Marshmallow: Send DMs To Your Recent Contacts With One Tap

Twitter has a bit of a love/hate relationship with mobile platforms and Android in particular. On the one hand, it's so aggressively possessive and wants an exclusive relationship devoid of any third-parties, on the other it updates its apps at a nice pace and adds new features to them. Oh well, it did let Android users hang behind iOS more than once, but we're not holding grudges.

After adding a share button to send tweets as Direct Messages, Twitter is working on another feature to make DMs easier to use in its app: Direct Share support on Marshmallow. So just like you can immediately send a photo to a specific WhatsApp contact or a link to one Pushbullet device, you can now share those or any random data from other apps directly to a Twitter DM conversation.

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Android 6.0.1 Fixes The Annoying "Jumping" Behavior Of The Share Menu Caused By Direct Share Contacts

If you're on Android 6.0 and use the share menu regularly, you may have encountered a rather annoying issue with Android's Direct Share feature. The issue arises when the share dialog pops open and the direct share contacts don't load immediately. Instead, the UI loads, you go to tap what you want, and suddenly the direct share contacts appear and all the app share links get pushed down out of view. See the animations below for the Android 6.0 and 6.0.1 behaviors side by side - the broken version is on the left.


Left: Android 6.0 behavior. Right: Android 6.0.1 behavior.

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WhatsApp 2.12.367 Goes Live In The Play Store With Starred Messages, Rich Link Previews, And Direct Share On Marshmallow

WhatsApp has been getting frequent beta updates that brought a lot of goodies to the app, and it's finally time for the Play Store version of the app to receive these. Version 2.12.367 has just gone live on the official Play Store channel and it brings with it the different new features that we've recently discussed: rich link previews, starred messages, and direct share on Marshmallow.

When you try to share any URL to WhatsApp, like YouTube links, tweets, webpages, and more, WhatsApp will parse the address quickly and give you a nice thumbnail image and title to send along with your link. That way, you can easily skim through the links that have been shared and the recipient gets to know what that page you just sent them is all about before opening it.

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Latest Pushbullet Update Implements Android Marshmallow's Direct Share Feature And Runtime Permissions

Pushbullet is all about sharing, version 17 seems a natural progression. You now have the option to insert Pushbullet targets into Android's share menu. Don't just send a file to Pushbullet—send it to a specific phone, tablet, or PC. This is through implementation of Android 6.0's Direct Share feature, which lets apps provide their own share options. In a future update, the developers want to prioritize whichever devices serve as frequent recipients.

Since this release gets Pushbullet ready for Marshmallow, enhancements don't stop there. The developers have implemented support for runtime permissions, granting access as it's needed rather than when first installing an app.

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