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Google Play direct carrier billing comes to Cambodia, Chile, and Peru


Google Play direct carrier billing now supports Telcel in Mexico


Google Play carrier billing site lists Boost in the US, plus carriers in Pakistan, Luxembourg, Vietnam, Slovenia, and more

Google Play carrier billing is expanding to more carriers around the world, as per an update to the support page. Some of the newly listed carriers may have been offering the option for a while (but weren't mentioned in the page), others may be about to add it soon, but the official word is out now.

For those of you in the US, the one added operator is Boost Mobile. But there's great news for a few more countries as well. Here are the newcomers:

  • US: Boost
  • Indonesia: Vodafone
  • Kazakhstan: Beeline
  • Luxembourg: Orange
  • Pakistan: Telenor Pakistan
  • Slovenia: Telekom
  • Vietnam: Vietnamobile, Viettel

Beside Indonesia, which adds support for Vodafone on top of Indosat, Telekomsel, and XL/AXIS, the 5 other countries are seeing direct carrier billing available for the first time through these new operators.

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Direct carrier billing starts going live for Airtel and Vodafone postpaid customers in India

Users in India have a couple of options when purchasing content from Google Play: credit or debit cards, gift cards, the newly added Netbanking payment method, and direct carrier billing on Idea. But more alternatives are on the way for customers of Airtel and Vodafone.

The news was actually announced in October at the Google Playtime event in India and was tweeted by attendees at the presentation. Over the past couple of weeks, users have started seeing the option pop up in their payment methods on the Play Store. We've received reports of both Airtel and Vodafone (postpaid) showing up, though the authorization SMS doesn't seem to be working just yet according to our tipsters.

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India Gets Google Play Direct Carrier Billing On Idea Cellular

About a week ago, a couple of readers reported to us that direct carrier billing was showing up for Idea Cellular subscribers in India, but it seemed at the time that the feature wasn't live for everyone and wasn't working reliably for those who had it. Now it's official: the Google Asia Pacific Blog has announced the availability of carrier billing on Idea Cellular.

The post explains how direct carrier billing has positively impacted purchases on Google Play, citing Indonesia as an example of 4x growth in the number of people who make app and in-app purchases after the introduction of operator billing.

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Google Play Carrier Billing Comes To Vodafone In Germany And Tele2 In Russia


Google Play Carrier Billing Comes To Vietnam And Kuwait

Direct carrier billing is one of the easiest ways users can buy apps, games, and other content on the Play Store. In countries where credit cards aren't readily accessible, where gift cards haven't been circulated, and where other methods of payments are either unavailable or not so attainable for everyone, having your operator handle the transaction for you makes things a lot simpler (although usually a bit more expensive thanks to added fees).

Two countries have recently seen direct carrier billing enabled for them: Vietnam and Kuwait. In Vietnam, the top mobile network Viettel has enabled carrier billing (they even have a friendly how-to on their site), and even though Google's support document doesn't mention it, it looks like the second largest operator MobiFone will do the same soon.

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Google Play Carrier Billing Comes To DNA In Finland, Smartone In Hong Kong, And Maxis In Malaysia

There are many ways to pay for apps, games, and other digital goods on Google Play, but one of the most convenient ones is direct carrier billing. It doesn't require you to have a credit or debit card, to set up a Paypal account, or to go hunt for gift cards around your country's stores. All you have to do is just buy and you'll be billed with your operator — sure, some of them like to take a big fat percentage to their pockets, but there's the matter of added convenience.

Google has updated its support pages for direct carrier billing availability to include 4 new operators in 4 different countries: DNA in Finland, Smartone in Hong Kong, and Maxis in Malaysia.

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Google Play Adds Carrier Billing To 3 Operators in Taiwan And Appropriately Renames The Networks In Its Support Page

A new update to Google Play's "Accepted Payment Methods" page has revealed a lot of changes to the direct billing section. First and foremost is the addition of 3 new carriers in Taiwan: Chunghwa Telecom, the country's leading operator with over 11M subscribers (according to Wikipedia), as well as Asia Pacific Telecom and T Star, the fourth and fifth ranked operators, respectively. These join previously supported Taiwan Mobile and FarEasTone Telecom, which have the second and third largest subscriber base in Taiwan.

The second change affects several countries and is merely a matter of designating operators by their official names instead of sticking with their parent companies or older brand names.

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Google Play Store Carrier Billing Goes Live For New Operators In France, Hungary, Indonesia, Slovakia, And Taiwan

Direct carrier billing is one of the most convenient ways to buy apps and content from the Play Store. Instead of making sure you have a valid credit or debit card or trying to find gift cards or setting up a Paypal account, you can simply have the purchase amount billed with your regular mobile service.

In today's round of new carrier additions on the Google Play support pages we find the French company Free, Hungarian TMI (Magyar Telekom), Indonesian Telkomsel, Slovakian PPF (O2), and Taiwanese Taiwan Mobile. Most of these won't affect a lot of subscribers (Free: 9M - TMI: 5.4M - O2: 1.7M - Taiwan Mobile: 7.6M), but Indonesia's Telkomsel is really a big deal.

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