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Chrome's beloved dino game may soon be joined by Snake, whole section for browser games

Chrome. It can one of the most overbearing pieces of software we deal with on a daily basis — it takes up so many resources and has so many limbs, ligaments, and levers that need taking care of lest they go unused. But its immense size also allows it some room to breathe — take the dinosaur game you get to play when your device is offline. Now, there's word that another game will soon join the roster.

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Show off your Chrome dino-game skills with the arrival of cross-device high score sync

Since 2014, Chrome has featured a delightful little time waster that kicks in when your device doesn't have internet access. It's a game featuring a dinosaur that hops over cacti (and, eventually, other dinosaurs), in which your score increases as you progress through a pixelated desert. Until recently, that score was lost when you stopped playing, but as of Chrome version 72, it's finally saved — and it even syncs between your devices.

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LEGO Jurassic World Lets Players Explore All Four Movies As The Real Stars: The Dinosaurs

Okay, so Jurassic World didn't exactly live up to the groundbreaking standards of the original movie. That probably doesn't matter to the herds of kids who went to see it just to watch some dinosaurs scaring the crap out of a bunch of puny humans. That being the case, a tie-in with LEGO for toys and games is pretty brilliant. After a substantial delay, you can now play the LEGO video game version of Jurassic World, which also includes bits from the original Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park: The Lost World, and that other one with Téa Leoni.

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Qwertee Selling Chrome T-Rex/Google Now Shirt For One Day Only, Desktop And Mobile Wallpapers Available Too

Do you want to show your support of both Google Now and Google Chrome? Do you need some kind of cotton garment to cover the space between your neck and your waist? Do you have twelve bucks? Then T-shirt seller Qwertee's daily sale is for you. Today Qwerty is offering the C-REX design from Marco Pedrazzolli. The background is taken straight from the default mountain view in the Google Now app, and the little T-Rex in the foreground should be familiar to anyone who's had problems connecting to a page in Chrome. 

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If you're not in the market for a T-shirt, Marco was kind enough to upload his design to both Dropbox and Google Drive in a staggering array of resolutions that should fit just about any mobile screen, laptop, or desktop.

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[New Game] Noodlecake's Velocispider Successfully Combines Retro Arcade Action With A Robotic Dinosaur-Spider Hybrid

Noodlecake, the makers of Trainyard, HueBrix, and Continuity, have just made available their latest entry in the Play Store, Velocispider. Before continuing, I should explain that Velocispider's titular protagonist is a half dinosaur, half spider robot. Knowing that, the rest of the game's characters are relatively sensible.

The premise of the game is simple – you are a robot spider dinosaur with rare eggs to protect. The CEO of the Robot Seafood Corporation wants those eggs, and will send  thousands of enemies your way over the span of 20 levels. Gameplay is even simpler – Velocispider is a fixed-view shooter, in which our spider-dinosaur hero fires continuously upward as wave after wave of enemies approach.

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