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Motorola announces Digital TV Moto Mod, coming to Brazil

Motorola seems to be moving away from interesting and niche Moto Mods, likely due to poor sales of anything that isn't a backplate or battery. The only interesting Mod to be come out recently was the gamepad accessory, but now there's another noteworthy Mod on the horizon. The company has announced a 'Power Pack & Digital TV' mod, but it probably won't be coming to the United States.

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Airtel announces Internet TV for India, an Android TV box with digital TV built-in

Indian telecommunications giant Airtel has unveiled an exciting innovation in digital TV services in the country. Its new product, Internet TV, was announced yesterday during a special live stream on Periscope, and amid much fanfare from the company on Twitter.

The device itself is a fairly sleek looking 4K set-top box powered by Android TV, with Chromecast functionality also built-in. Out of the box, Internet TV will allow users to stream content through included apps such as Netflix and YouTube, plus with easy access to Google Play you'll be able to download and enjoy many more apps and games.

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