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Google News might shut down in Europe over prospective EU 'link tax'

Europe's new digital copyright legislation has raised no shortage of concerns from business and consumer rights advocates alike. The severe new regulations include what critics have dubbed a "link tax" that would require most medium to large online platforms to pay copyright holders for reproducing even small snippets of text (though a few "individual words" is fine). This, of course, is at the core of Google News, and Google is adamant that it may shut down its news aggregation app in Europe if the EU does not alter the phrasing of its legislation.

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Europe's strict new digital copyright laws may make for a changed internet worldwide

In the ongoing saga that is copyright law in the age of the internet, the European Parliament has just approved stern and controversial new copyright legislation sure to have wide-reaching influence on government bodies worldwide. The two key items of contention? Charges for displaying snippets of content dubbed a "link tax" by critics, and a rule that puts the legal onus on website operators for copyright infringement. The latter change will all but force major platforms like YouTube to create automated copyright filters, sparking censorship concerns from both big business and consumer rights advocates.

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