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Google Go to soon get webpage dictation in 28 languages

Google's Go line of apps is gradually getting larger, with one of the more recent ones being Google Go, a lite version of the main Google app. The 'Google for Nigeria' event yesterday saw the announcement of webpage dictation, which is said to be arriving "in the coming weeks," for Google Go.

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Chrome OS Canary gets standalone dictation method for text entry

A new text dictation method is popping up in Chrome OS. As Google employee François Beaufort shared on Google+, an OS flag enables a new dictation method in the Canary build of the operating system that adds a microphone icon to the system tray as well as a keyboard shortcut for speech-to-text.

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System-level dictation is coming to Chrome OS as an accessibility feature

Lately, our dear leader Artem has been preaching the usefulness of Google Docs' dictation feature, which allows you to transform your speech into words. However, to use it, he's had to constantly have a Google Doc open. But according to a code change request, Chrome OS will soon have this functionality built into the system as an accessibility feature. (Too bad Artem doesn't often use a Chromebook.)

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Thumb Keyboard Gets Updated To Version 4.5 Bringing Continuous Voice Recognition, One-Handed Keyboard, And More

Thumb Keyboard, one of the most intuitive, well-designed, and practical keyboards available (especially for tablet users) got a big update recently, bringing the app up to version 4.5.

Perhaps the biggest benefit to the new update is that Thumb Keyboard now supports ICS' continuous voice recognition, which in case you've forgotten, is the feature introduced with Ice Cream Sandwich that actively listens and dictates your speech. This is a feature I haven't seen in other alternative keyboards, and it's definitely nice to have. Other big additions include gesture support as well as a new one-handed layout for phones with larger displays.

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Swype Beta Update Begins Rolling Out, Features Dragon GO! Integration And Support For Android 4.0

A new beta update for Swype has begun rolling out and will hit tester's handsets over the next 72 hours. The big changes, if you couldn't tell by the title, are Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) support and the integration of Dragon GO! - unsurprising, since Swype was purchased by Nuance and Dragon Dictation support has been rolled in since December. Specifically, the update adds functionality to the "Dragon" key which allows users to dictate speech using the infamous engine, as well as launch the Dragon GO! app.

Other improvements include improved prediction accuracy, and a few bugfixes regarding language modeling and dictionaries.

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The First Fruits Of The Nuance-Swype Buyout Come To Light: Swype Updated With Dragon Dictation And Improved Language Modeling

Nuance, the company behind Dragon Dictation, bought out Swype almost three months ago, but the results of the deal haven't really been exposed since. No longer -- Swype has just been updated with a "Dragon Flame" key that, when pressed, initiates a voice-to-text system provided by none other than Dragon Dictation. In its current form, it features support for French, Italian, German, and English, with Swype representatives claiming more languages are on the way in 2012.

Additionally, Swype's language modeling algorithm has been improved. What's that mean? In the company's words, this will "increase the accuracy of the suggestions we offer (such as knowing that you mean 'mosh pit' instead of 'mosh pot')." The system analyzes your writing and shapes its predictions around the context of your sentences.

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