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Latest Google Phone app Beta can now be installed from the Play Store on pretty much any phone

Back in April, Google's popular Phone app expanded its device support on the Play Store. Previously tied to Pixel and Android One devices, Google appeared to be opening it up for use on other devices and software. At the time, it still didn't work for lots of phones, including OnePlus and Samsung devices. But apparently, that's changed, and we can confirm you can now install the latest Google Phone app Beta from the Play Store on Samsung and OnePlus phones — and probably more, too.

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Google Phone apps adds prominent Duo button in your contacts


Simple Dialer is a free, open-source alternative to your default phone app

We've highlighted apps from Simple Mobile Tools before as great, open-source, data-light alternatives to the basic tools Google provides for your Android phone. Now you can notch another one into that belt as the developer has just come out with a Simple Dialer app. And it's free.

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Google Phone app now available on Play Store for some non-Pixel phones

The Google Phone app has been a constantly-evolving piece of software that many users prefer over third-party dialers. Unfortunately, Google has always restricted the app's use to Pixel, Android One, and other stock-ish Android phones, something that has led to multiple modded APKs and workarounds for other types of phones. Thankfully, the Phone app is now available on the Play Store for a bevy of non-Google-branded devices.

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Google Messages and Phone pick up new Material icons with latest betas (APK Download)

Google has been tweaking its popular apps over the past few months to align them with the refreshed Material guidelines. After showing signs of a refresh not too long ago, Google’s dialer and messaging apps are now picking up the new outlined icons with their latest beta releases. These rather subtle changes merely replace the existing filled iconography and do not introduce any new functionality whatsoever.

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Google is testing a bottom nav bar in the Phone app

Google's custom Nexus/Pixel dialer has added a few cool features over the years like local search and video call integration, but the interface hasn't changed in ages. Today, it looks like Google is testing a redesign that moves your tabs to the bottom. This isn't always a surefire way to improve app usability, but I think it works here.

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Google Phone v15 adds assisted dialing for international travelers, white nav bar, and possibly pre-call support for dual-SIM phones [APK Teardown]

An update to Google's Phone app began rolling out to users earlier today. Besides enabling the seamless video calling feature with Duo, which also works on v14, this update comes with a few additions of its own. The previously discussed Assisted Dialing feature for international travelers has been enabled and is ready to make life a little easier, and users on Android 8.1 will now see the white navigation bar that's been creeping into a few of Google's apps. If you're using a dual-SIM phone, you might also be getting the option to pick your SIM immediately before a call, though this might not be live yet.

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The Google Phone app could be getting an in-call floating action bar

If there's one thing that's certain in life, it's that Google is always testing some sort of interesting UI change in one of its apps. Some of them end up on the scrapheap, but some of them end up being integral parts of the experience we all have when using our Android devices. The latest test to be discovered is a floating bubble UI in the Google Phone app.

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Google Duo 14 integrates with your phone's call history [APK Download]

Last month, it started to look like Duo would add its own calls to your phone's call history. While the app asked users for permission to manage the call history, it didn't actually work yet. As part of the Duo 14 app update, this feature is now operational.

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Android 7.1 feature spotlight: Phone app switches to Do Not Disturb while on a call, new call notification, and more

If you think Chrome's rapid updates are annoying, Google's Phone application might send you over the edge. The last 4.0 update came in August, then 5.1 was included with Pixel devices, then another 4.1 update for non-Android 7.0 users, and now we are at 6.0. So what warrants a major version bump? Not much.

Google Phone 5.1 actually added most of the UI changes you might notice (check out our post about it). The first noticeable change here is when receiving a call, the notification now has larger Answer and Decline buttons. This is also on the Phone 4.1 APK, but it is worth mentioning here.

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