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Award-winning indie darling GRIS now available on the Play Store (Updated)

Back in August of 2019, the gorgeous award-winning platformer GRIS was released on iOS, but at the time, there was no word if or when an Android port would arrive. As of this morning, the game has surprisingly popped up on the Play Store for pre-registration, though there is some text included in the listing that makes me question whether or not Devolver Digital is ready for a public reveal.

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[Update: Out now] The Swords of Ditto is a Zelda-inspired action RPG now up for pre-registration on Android

The Swords of Ditto is an adorable cartoon Zelda-like from Onebitbeyond that was initially published on PCs and consoles by Devolver Digital in 2018, and we just learned that the game is coming to Android and that you can pre-register on the Play Store right now. This is a compact action RPG that sports a 9-hour campaign where you'll explore a dangerous overworld, delve into threatening dungeons, and improve your hero in a pleasant village. How you approach the game is entirely up to you, which means you're free to dive into the title's many dungeons in whatever order you wish.

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Downwell returns to Play Store, free for a week starting September 20

For those that didn't hear, Downwell was removed from the Play Store by Google in June over a technical issue with the game. It would appear that this issue could not be fixed, and so a new version had to be created. This new version arrived on the Play Store yesterday after a brief stint in early-access last week. Since there are many people out there that had already paid for the delisted version of Downwell that would also have to repay to gain access to the new listing, Devolver Digital is going to offer the game for free for seven days starting on September 20th.

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[Update: Out now] Witcheye is a beautiful platformer coming to Android August 15th, pre-reg now open

This morning the pre-registration listing for the pixel-based platformer Witcheye popped up on the Play Store, and in the last hour, the developer Peter Malamud Smith tweeted that the game will be officially released on August 15th. What's interesting is that this is the same dev that worked on the viral hit The Great Gatsby for NES, as well as a few well-received iOS puzzle games, so this isn't their first rodeo.

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[Update: Out now] Devolver Digital's 60-second adventure game Minit is available for pre-registration on the Play Store

Devolver Digital is bringing its 60-second adventure game Minit to Android. Initially, the studio published this stylish black and white video game on consoles and PC back in April of 2018, and even though it's been known that the title would be coming to Android, now that the pre-registration listing is up on the Play Store we are most likely nearing the official launch.

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Spaceplan is out on Android a day early

Spaceplan is the latest incremental game to be released on Android. What was originally a web-based idle clicker prototype, is now a full featured title with plenty of expanded content. Developer Jake Hollands has been hard at work porting Spaceplan to Android, iOS, and PC for release on May 4th. Lucky us, it would appear that the Google Play Store has gotten it a day early.

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Most Wanted: Android Police's top five games of 2016

Android Police's bi-weekly roundups have covered more than 750 games this year. That's a hell of a lot for a site that's not specifically about gaming, and picking out the top five is no small task. Before you read any further, take note of the following: I had a few criteria that games had to meet before being included in the following selections.

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Dropsy from Devolver Digital is now live in the Play Store with hugs for all

To call Dropsy a weird game would be a profound understatement—it's bizarre in the extreme. After a suspicious circus fire, Dropsy the clown embarks on a quest to clear his name and get some hugs. This game really emphasizes the hugs. It's a classic point-and-click game, but it's unlike anything I've seen before.

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Reigns from Devolver Digital takes the Tinder approach to medieval kingdom management

Decisions are the essence of drama. You can have ten thousand explosions go off in every second of your story, but until someone decides what to do about them, nobody will care. The latest mobile game from prolific publisher Devolver Digital gets that: it's an odd mix between a card game and Tinder with a cartoon medieval setting. In Reigns, each tiny decision builds up a procedurally-generated story of your time spent as king.

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Love is for the birds in Hatoful Boyfriend, a pigeon dating simulator now on the Play Store

The dating simulator genre is still somewhat niche, so here's a quick breakdown if you haven't heard about it. In a typical anime-style dating simulator, you play as a young man or woman (often high school or college age) looking for love. This usually means talking to a bunch of different characters and potential romantic interests in branching dialogue. It's like an old-school adventure game, but the stakes are your love life instead of saving the world. Hatoful Boyfriend [sic] is like that, except that all your suitors are pigeons.

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