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The single best reason to buy a Google Home Mini? $50 for a permanent "find my phone" button

Google Home Mini is exactly what I think most of us were hoping for in a smaller Google Home (check out our review here). But the more I consider it, there's one new Google Home feature that is going to make this little speaker indispensible to me: it can find my phone, even in silent mode.

Think about it. If a company were to market a device with the sole purpose of finding your phone just by touching a button, sitting permanently plugged into your wall, you'd probably be a little intrigued. How much would you pay for such a gadget?

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Type 'Find My Phone' Into Google On Your Computer And Immediately Locate Your Android Phone

Google is a digital genie. You type your wishes into a search bar and -POW- there it is, what you are looking for. Now you can even use Google to find tangible objects, as long as the object you are looking for is your Android phone. Just type the words 'find my phone' into any google search bar from your computer and in seconds Google will locate your device on a map and give you the option to make it ring. Nifty.

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Android users have been able to find their devices remotely for a while now, but until today you had to log into Android Device Manager on another mobile device or your computer to start your search.

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