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Sony adds the Xperia XZs to its Open Device Program

Sony has added yet another handset to its Open Device Program. This time it's the Xperia XZs. With older brothers, the Xperia XZ and the X Performance, already on the list, it was only a matter of time before the newer flagship made its way to the program. Sony's support for the open source community is commendable, and this is more great news for developers hoping to play with custom builds of Nougat on their Xperia devices.

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The Android Things Developer Preview 2 is out, adds support for Intel's Joule, brings TensorFlow for machine learning on IoT platforms, and more

It's been a big day from the mystical Google land. In addition to all of the Wear stuff, the team behind Android Things has released the second Developer Preview for supported Internet-of-Things platforms. It brings some new features and a few bug fixes, as well as support for the Intel Joule.

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[Heads-up, devs] Managing paid orders and payment settings will move from Google Payments to Google Play Developer Console

Paid apps are quite obviously a huge part of the Android ecosystem and in particular, the Google Play Store. Today, Google's doing a bit of reorganising to ensure that, on the developer end, paid orders and settings are the easiest and simplest they can be.

'Order Management,' which developers will know handles the paid orders for subscriptions and in-app purchases, is moving from the Google Payments Centre to the Google Play Developer Console, where most things to do with the app's Play Store entry is managed from. The payments settings - bank accounts and other such things - is also going to be available in the Developer Console, in addition to being available on, as it always has been.

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Titanium Backup developer offers a preview version of EvGenie, a synced calendar app

Google Calendar covers most of the basics for synced calendar users, but anyone who wants something more robust needs to go on a bit of a hunt. Titanium Track, the indie developer team behind the power user favorite Titanium Backup, is on the job. Their latest project is EvGenie, an advanced calendar designed for seamless backup across multiple devices and sharing with family members or coworkers. It's currently on the Play Store in an open preview. It's free to download.

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Vivendi Succeeds In Hostile Takeover Of Mobile Game Publisher Gameloft

Earlier this year we reported that Vivendi, a media mega-corporation headquartered in Paris, was attempting to take control of prolific mobile developer and publisher Gameloft. It appears that they've succeeded: today the company announced that it has purchased a 61.71% share of Gameloft's public stock, giving it more than half of the voting rights for the corporation. The company offered 8 euro per share to existing shareholders in February in a conventional hostile takeover attempt.

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HTC Posts One M9 Android 6.0 Kernel Files, Includes Variants Such As The Dev Edition Unlocked And EU Model

When a manufacturer open sources the code that makes their device work, it's an occasion worth noting. This is one of the strengths of Android, the availability of files that enable developers and tinkerers to create software that can replace the firmware that our devices ship with. It's one of Android's differentiating factors compared to iOS and Windows Phone.

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Android Wear Mini Launcher Developer Sells The App To A New Dev

Wear Mini Launcher was one of the favorite tools in the opening months of Android Wear. Back when the platform's utility was somewhat limited, it was the best way to manually start a Wear app. Of course that utility has become somewhat redundant now that Wear has been updated with an integrated launcher. Even so, the gesture activation function still makes Wear Mini Launcher one of the easiest ways to quickly activate a Wear app without using voice control.

Unfortunately, Wear Mini Launcher seems to have gone the way of QuickPic. On his Google+ community dedicated to beta releases and feature requests, developer Nicolas Pomepuy announced that he sold the application to a new developer.

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Popular Photo Gallery App QuickPic Has Been Bought By Cheetah Mobile, And Users Are Pissed

QuickPic is a nice little Android photo gallery-slash-viewer. Over several years it has gained a comfortable userbase thanks to steady updates, excellent communication with users, plenty of extra features, and an impressive adherence to Android design standards. So when QuickPic fans discovered that the app had been sold and re-published by Cheetah Mobile, they were, to put it mildly, pissed. They began flooding the app's Play Store page under the new developer "Cheetah Mobile Cloud (NYSE:CMCM)" with disparaging reviews almost immediately.

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[Android M Feature Spotlight] Demo Mode Hides Notifications, Sets Battery to 100 And Clock to 5:20 - Perfect For Screenshots

On more than one occasion when trying out a new app and taking screenshots for the benefit of Android Police readers, something in the status bar has overshadowed the actual content I was showing off. It might be a battery in the red (which really seems to bother some people, even when they see it on someone else's phone!) or an incoming OTA update I've yet to flash. Apparently Google is tired of seeing this sort of thing in screenshots as well.

Screenshot_20150719-121756 Screenshot_20150719-121013

In the second version of the Android M Developer Preview, there's a new entry in the Developer options menu called "System UI tuner." (We previously took a look at this in the story about removing permanent items from the network cluster area.) Open the System UI tuner and you can also see an option called "Demo mode." Enable this, then turn it on, and your statusbar will hide all notifications, even new incoming ones, though they may still appear temporarily as heads-up notifications.

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AOSP Developer Changelog Posted For v5.1.1_r4 (LMY47Z) To v5.1.1_r5 (LYZ28E), And It's Actually Quite Long

It seems like the only thing anybody can talk about is Android M, but we should remember that we've got about 4 more months with Lollipop v5.1.1 as the current version until Mango Mojito (probably not) is officially released in October. This is no more apparent than when an update appears on AOSP and brings with it thousands of changes. In fact, this update is large enough it probably deserved more than a barely noticeable revision bump.


The code drop for LYZ28E comes a bit later than expected, since the build number was first seen in a Nexus 6 update that began rolling out a month ago.

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