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Pixel 4's car crash detection feature confirmed, but it's US only for now

At the start of the month, we learned that the Pixel 4 was likely to get a neat safety feature that would detect when its user has been involved in a car accident before alerting the emergency services. This potentially life-saving capability has now been confirmed by Google, although it's exclusive to the US for English language users, to begin with at least.

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SafetyNet can detect Magisk again, but a fix is in the works

If you are a Magisk user, and you fired up Pokemon Go or Android Pay today just to be met with an error message, you aren't alone. The game of cat and rooted mouse continues, as Google's detection methods have expanded again to catch Magisk 13.2, which is the latest version. But, Magisk developer topjohnwu expects to have things fixed soon. 

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