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Pack a virtual bag and follow along other travelers in Trips by Lonely Planet

Travel and destination discovery apps are a dime a hundred (not even a dozen) on the Play Store, but there are still a few names I come back to again and again. Google's own Trips is one of them because it helps me organize everything as well as see popular places to visit, organize day trips, and get discounts on tours, but I have yet to find a nice app just for the discovery of new destinations. I usually resort to a simple Google search or check Atlas Obscura or Rough Guides, but this new app by Lonely Planet might dethrone those options.

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Google Maps v9.35 Beta adds Plus Codes to dropped pins and an arrival screen to navigation, prepares for speed limits, ordering food online, and more [APK Teardown + Download]

Out of the entire list of apps in Google's lineup, Maps is probably the most consistent about delivering new and interesting features with almost every release. Version 9.35 began rolling out to users signed up to the beta channel yesterday and it's no slouch. Regular drivers can look forward to a new screen to welcome them when they arrive at their destinations, and dropped pins now contain Plus Codes so it's extremely easy to convey fairly precise locations to people through text, IM, and even over the phone. Moving over to a teardown shows that speed limits and current speed are going to be shown during navigation.

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Guides By Lonely Planet Walk Into The Play Store, Maps In One Hand, Booklet Of Tips In Another

Lonely Planet is known by travelers all around the world for its small travel tip booklets that cover many cities and destinations, using experts and local guides to gather the best advice about each location. After what seemed like an eternity with half-hearted mobile apps, Lonely Planet is finally ready to make the big leap over to your smartphone. The app is now available for both Android and iOS and for a first version, it's a thing of beauty.

Lonely Planet uses a white background and theme throughout the entire app, making every photo and detail pop on the screen. The app starts with a list of supported city guides which are somewhere in the high thirties now.

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