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[Update: RUU Available] HTC Desire Eye On AT&T Is Getting Lollipop Today


HTC Desire EYE and RE Camera Are Coming To AT&T November 7th, Customers Can Save $50 By Buying Them Together

The HTC Desire EYE is a quirky camera that appears to be worth a look, especially when it's looking back at you. This phone is notable not for its specs (though those are nice too), but its 13MP front-facing camera. That's right. HTC has decided that this handset will be able to capture as many pixels from the front as it can from the back.

This handset is an AT&T exclusive, and now we have a launch date: November 7th.

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HTC Releases 5 Eye Experience Tutorials To Show You How Cool, Useless, Or Downright Creepy It Can Be

HTC introduced its Eye Experience along with its new Desire EYE smartphone a couple of days ago, then revealed that the entire suite of selfie-shly centered video and still capture tools will also be available for the One M7, M8, and other phones in its line-up. However, you may still be confused as to what this "Eye Experience" thing is all about and how it could apply to your everyday fun and adventure filled life.

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