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Gboard may soon get a toggle to follow system dark theme, according to teardown

An APK analysis of version 9.6 of Gboard has revealed some major aesthetic changes and some good news on dark theme programming. Changes, as dug up by 9to5Google and seen here, may or may not be carried over to the public release.

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Dribbble is saying goodbye to its mobile apps

Dribbble is one of the premier destinations for amateur and expert designers alike all over the world. The platform has been helping connect designers online since 2009, and it introduced its first Android app back in 2018. Unfortunately, it seems like that didn't go as well as the company hoped, because the app is due to be sunsetted from the Play Store later this year.

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Mi Control Center app brings iOS design to your quick settings panel

Android may be more functional than iOS for most users when it comes to notifications, but you have to admit there's a level of polished elegance to Apple's panel and control center. Some users might even prefer the translucent design and separated notifications and quick toggle pages. If you're one of those people, or just interested in trying out iOS on your Android device, a new app from Treydev might be worth a look.

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Waze goes for a tasteful new look with colorful brand makeover


The Google Docs comment UI will soon be getting a major overhaul, new features

If your office trades around documents and presentations for peer review, your colleagues are bound to annotate a whole bunch of comments. For G Suite team members on Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, making and addressing those comments may become just a bit easier with a new interface on Android.

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Dropbox turns off the lights with new dark mode for Android

Dropbox has been slow to the punch when it comes to putting on its night vision goggles  — it's had good company on that front — but we probably didn't even notice when it put them on. Alas, we've done some work, made a few observations, and have concluded that the cloud storage provider's Android app does include a dark mode.

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Google Messages starts rolling out top search bar in beta

Google Messages is the main SMS client for Android, and while most of the app's recent development has been focused on improving RCS, the design team has also been hard at work. Now the app is receiving a top search bar, similar to what Gmail and other Google apps already have.

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Android Auto just got new Material icons in Google Maps navigation

Google typically rolls out changes to its design language every couple years, but many of the company's apps still take months, if not years to catch up. The wireframe style icons that started popping up in 2018 have become fairly ubiquitous, but there are still a few notable holdouts. Android Auto would have been counted among them, but it looks like a new set of icons has been silently swapped in for the Google Maps navigation interface.

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Here's what the Pixel 4 looks like in matte gray — too bad we didn't get it

A recent listing on Chinese online flea market has some Pixel 4 owners jealous for all the wrong reasons — those reasons are mostly attributed to this phone actually being a testing unit. There are warning stickers all over the place warning whoever comes across it that the phone has not been approved by the FCC for use and that it has dangerous autofocus lasers. But it's the color that's got everyone talking... and it's gray.

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HTC U Ear looks like a shameless AirPod clone no one asked for

For a company that's been on a years-long downhill toboggan, HTC still has hopes of playing catch-up in 2020. There's a 5G phone in the works, we're tracking another entry in the budget-minded Desire series, and now, for some reason, we're looking at some AirPod clones.

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