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Material design guidelines translated into Japanese ahead of SPAN 2016 in Tokyo

Until now, the material design guidelines, which guides developers and designers for Android, Chrome OS, and the web on how to make an app that aligns with the respective platform, have only been available in English. Right before SPAN 2016, a design conference tomorrow in Tokyo, the material design guidelines have appeared in Japanese, direct from Google.

This version of the guidelines is a little different from the English copy. Instead of being available on the web and written in good ol' HTML and CSS, the Japanese translations are available as a series of PDF documents that are downloaded and available locally on your computer.

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Google Releases Material Design Guidelines for Creating Modern Android Wear Apps

Google may design most of the Android Wear experience, but the company doesn't control everything. One poorly designed app is all it takes to sour someone's impression of a platform. And with Android Wear getting a major update, that would be a shame. So to provide users with the best experience and increase chances that they will keep an app around, Google has released design guidelines for the latest version of its smart watch platform.

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Google Announces 'Works With Cardboard' Program With Design Guidelines, New Partnerships, And More

With Cardboard, it seems that Google is in the middle of an effort to push VR along as quickly as possible by inviting everyone to participate.

Since launching the viewer with an open-sourced design, Google has gone on to promote Cardboard-compatible apps, provide viewer specifications, and publish SDKs, encouraging more developers and would-be Cardboard manufacturers to join the party. Ostensibly the philosophy is that VR will reach its potential faster if everyone works together.

Today, Google has announced a new "Works with Cardboard" program to equip developers and manufacturers with even more tools.

For manufacturers, Google will release a tool that configures any viewer to work with all apps.

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Design Docs Update: The Navigation Drawer Is Now Officially A Standard

A few days ago, we investigated the new navigation drawer design present in updates to Google Earth and Google Shopper. The hope at the time was that this new Up button design would be pushed out to other Android apps. We even heard from a few Googlers that this was happening.

Now, things are officially official, as the Android Design site has updated with Matias-approved guidelines for the navigation drawer.


Things work pretty much the way we went over when we were first introduced to this. The Up button changes from a carat to a new 3 line icon when it will open the drawer.

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