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You can finally set a departure time for driving in the Google Maps app on your phone

Google Maps has seen a lot of UI changes recently that some of us may consider superfluous, or at least not a high priority. But over the past few days, two really important features popped up in the app — speed trap cameras and speed limits while driving — and now there's a third addition. When you're retrieving driving directions, you can - finally - set your departure or arrival time and get an estimation of how long your route will take, via the route options menu.

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Tip: Google Maps on the web tells you when it's time to leave for your appointments

You're working at your desk or leisurely browsing from your computer at home, you forget you have a meeting or event soon and that you should leave to make it on time. Your phone may or may not notify you that it's time to leave, and if it does, you likely miss it. Next thing you know, you're rushing out and reaching your destination late, or you get a very angry call from the person you were supposed to meet. That shouldn't happen in our connected day and age, but sadly, it still does. However, there's a way to prevent it: Google Maps has time to leave notifications on the web and you can easily turn them on.

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