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Controversial Denuvo DRM coming to your phone with Mobile Game Protection for Android

If you're not a PC gamer, you may have never heard of the gaming security firm Denuvo. To quickly fill you in, this firm has offered an anti-tamper DRM solution for many prominent video game publishers of PC titles. Of course, this DRM is a lot less popular amongst gamers (and even developers) that claim the DRM slows down their titles. While Denuvo states that there should be no perceptible effect, the service is still regularly demonized. This is probably why most Android gamers won't be thrilled to learn that Denuvo has launched a mobile-focused DRM solution for Android called Mobile Game Protection.
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FUD alert: There is not a secret plan to use Denuvo DRM on the Play Store

A thread gaining steam on the r/android subreddit asserts a leaked email from DRM firm Denuvo's website as evidence that Google is looking into implementing such DRM on the Play Store. Additionally, the existence of an APK file on Denuvo's server marked as a 'Denuvo Sample' was used to bolster the claims.

This is unsubstantiated fear-mongering.

First, the email cited, sent by Jan Newger, is well over two years old (looking at the raw dump, it was sent November 24th, 2014). Second, there is no reason to believe that email is at all related to the APK on Denuvo's server, which may well just be a sample package sent to potential customers (which could be any app publisher).

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