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DoorDash offers free delivery when you use 'Pay with Google' on an order this month ($7 credit for new users)

If you're a tightwad like me, you'll probably agree when I say food delivery services are a bit of an indulgence. But when there's a promo going on, especially during a chilly time of the year, it becomes a lot easier to justify such an extravagance. Enter DoorDash, which is offering free delivery for anyone who makes an order via its Android app and uses the "Pay with Google" payment option during the month of December.

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DoorDash, the food delivery service, adds group orders to its Android app

Ordering food at work or with friends can be a bit of a nightmare. Everyone wants something different, and coordinating everyone can take ages. Thankfully DoorDash has added its group ordering features to the Android app. So the next time your workplace considers delivery or you and your friends have to put together an order for the big game, it'll be a tiny bit easier to coordinate. 

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