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WSJ: Samsung's English-language Bixby rollout delayed because English is hard

Samsung launched the Galaxy S8 several months ago without the promised voice Bixby voice control. It said at the time the feature would be launched soon, but so far only the Korean-language version has rolled out. The company imposed a deadline of "spring" for the English launch, but the WSJ says we're still at least a few weeks away from release.

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Google releases Android Wear 2.0 dev preview 3, confirms public release is delayed until early 2017

Google has started rolling Android 7.0 Nougat out to Nexus devices, but no watches have gotten the corresponding Wear 2.0 update. The beta test has been ongoing for months, and today Google has released the third dev preview. That's good, but there's also some bad news. The developer preview is now expected to continue into early 2017, which is a significant delay.

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Google Maps is rolling out Wi-Fi only mode and mass transit delay notifications to some users

A couple of very useful features have started rolling out to a few lucky Google Maps users in the last couple of days. If you've been following along with our APK Teardowns, you might remember sections covering notifications for mass transit delays and an option to restrict data usage to Wi-Fi only. If you've been eager to see either of these, now might be a good time to open up Maps and poke around. But it looks like both features are launching as staged rollouts, so don't be too surprised if you're not in the opening group.

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Nextbit Cancels The CDMA Robin, Offers Refunds And 25% Off A GSM Robin To Backers

Nextbit launched its Kickstarter last year with just a GSM version of the Robin, but the people demanded a CDMA one too. The company attempted to accommodate them, but now CEO Tom Moss has announced that the CDMA Robin will never exist.

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One And A Half Years Later, The Plastc Card Remains Delayed And Incomplete

A few years ago, a couple companies had the idea of creating credit cards with e-ink screens that could replace all the other credit cards in your pocket. You may remember them as Coin and Plastc. The former, after missing its target date by a year, hit the market in 2015. The latter is still in development. Since quite a bit of time has passed since the end of 2014, Plastc is now issuing a status update.

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Nextbit Delays The Ship Date Of CDMA Robin Until April

What would you say if I told you a smartphone Kickstarter is experiencing a delay? Would you be shocked? I bet not. It's really just par for the course. Nextbit has announced that the CDMA version of its Robin smartphone won't ship next month after all. Instead, they're expecting it to be ready in April.

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OnePlus Has Delayed The OnePlus 2 In North America By 2-3 Weeks

The OnePlus 2 announcement hasn't gone particularly smoothly for the Chinese company thanks to a handful of missing features, but OnePlus has still managed to attract a huge number of people to the invite waiting list. Now there's going to be a little more waiting completely separate from the invites. OnePlus has announced via its forums that North American shipments of the OnePlus 2 are delayed by 2-3 weeks.

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Saygus Delays The V-Squared Yet Again, Launches Mega-Suspicious Indiegogo Campaign

Building a smartphone is not easy even for established companies like LG and Samsung. So you have to maintain healthy skepticism when a company like Saygus rolls into town and says it's going to beat the big guys at their own game. The dual-SD card Saygus V-Squared was announced back at CES, but the ship date has slipped a few times already. Now the company has hit another major snag and decided to start a shady Indiegogo campaign. Yikes.

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[Update: WiFi Listed For June 29th, LTE Gone] Sony Pushes UK Launch Of Xperia Z4 Tablet From Today To June 17th

Sony has updated the product page for its Xperia Z4 Tablet in the UK, and it's not the good kind of update. The date listed for the product to start shipping has been changed from today to June 17th. Nice last minute switcheroo there, Sony.


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OnePlus Misses Self-Imposed Deadline For Releasing OxygenOS ROM, Promises Daily Progress Reports Going Forward

OnePlus tried to assuage fears of a stagnating OS experience a few months ago during the CyanogenOS fallout by announcing it was working on a ROM for the OnePlus One. Eventually dubbed OxygenOS, the company has been working on getting the software out the door for several months. OnePlus promised to have it done by March 27th (today), but that's not happening. Bummer.


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