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Grillscape Navigator: Weber's barbecue thermometer app really wants to be your default browser

It might be overkill, but Weber's latest barbecue grill actually have their own app. The Weber iGrill app isn't satisfied simply remotely controlling the precise doneness of that $25 ribeye, though. It would also like to be your default browser on Android — though it won't turn your phone into a barbecue.

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Google will ask European Android users to choose preferred browsers and search engines following EU concerns

The EU has been pushing Google to become less monopolistic and more friendly towards competitors for a long time. After a heavy fine, the US company agreed to rework Android licensing in Europe by splitting Chrome and Search from the OS, followed by changes to Google Shopping. With another looming penalty against AdSense, Google and the European Commission now worked out a deal to prompt EU Android users to choose their default browsers and search engines.

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